What's the Actual Time

What is the current time?

Like mentioned above, the most recent time zone database can be implemented via the PECL time zone database. Actual local times in the Caribbean with information about Caribbean time zones and summer time. Time Zone of the Americas - Present Time of the Americas

The majority of countries in the Canary Islands use one of two time belts. GMT -5 and GMT -4 from westward to eastward, with areas in the caribbean using the GMT -5 time region corresponding to Eastern Standard Time in the United States and Canada. Regions in the Pacific that use the GMT-4 time region are the Atlantic Standard Time region used in Puerto Rico.

Corresponding time zone do not always lead to the same time, because summer time is not adhered to at all sites. Summer time in the Caribbean is used by several nations, among them the Bahamas, Bermuda and Cuba.

As-is duration (task field) - project

The Actual Length box displays the range of actual working time for a job on the basis of the planned length and actual amount of work left, or the percentage of work done. When you enter a value in the Percentage Full box, the project will calculate the actual length as follows: When you enter a value in the Actual Length box, the project computes the remainder as follows:

Entering an actual time greater than the target time causes the project to change the target time according to the new actual time, set the remainder to zero, and set the percentage completely to 100. Optimal Use If you want to see, apply filters or modify the actual length for specific items, include the Actual length box in a tasklist.

However, when you process this box, the Residual Time and Percentage boxes are completely re-calculated. For example, the planned length of the "Perform customer calls" job is 3 workdays. Once the job is 33 per cent done, the actual length is 1 workday. Notes Since the entry of a value in the Actual Time, Residual Time, or Completion percentage box calculates the other boxes againutomatically, you should only type a value in one of these boxes for a given item.

Processing the remainder does not affect the actual length, but the entire planned length. Entering a percentage of finished or entire actual work moves the remainder of the work by the date of completion by defaults. You can, if you wish, keep these track boxes in the original planned form, even if you see finished work in the past or left work in the past.

In the Project Preferences dialogue you can disable these options. If you want to change the date of the project to a date other than today's, open the Project Information dialogue window.

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