What's the Actual Time right now

What is the current time at the moment?

The largest part of Oregon lies in the Pacific time zone. Much of Malheur is located in the Mountain Time Zone. It'?s late in Australia? Timezones and summer time changeover

You can see the Australia time below right now. Australia has three different time regions, so there are watches for all larger towns in Australia that show the actual time, the date, the time region for the town/state, the time differential to UTC/GMT and whether that state is participating in summer time.

Following Australia watches always show the actual time. You set yourself to summer time automatic! Australasia has three different time zone and the time in Australia differs between EST, CST and WST. East states (Tasmania, Victoria, the ACT, New South Wales and Queensland) are on EST, the South Australia and Northern Territory are on CST and the Northern Territory is on WST.

The Eastern Standard Time is half an hours before the Central Standard Time, which is an half full hours ahead of the Western Standard Time. The starting and ending dates of summer time for the years 2012 - 2015 are as follows: Tasmania, Victoria, the ACT (Australian Capital Territory), New South Wales and South Australia are the states and territory participating in summer time.

There is no summer time in West Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland. Every country that has summer time is located in the souther half of Australia. West Australia is an exceptional case, stretching across the entire mainland from east to west. Westaustralians, myself included, in 2009 turned against summer time.

The Queensland has actually talked about dividing the state into two halves, with only one half taking part in summer time. When this seems complex, bear in mind that by 2008 every state in Australia will have begun and ended its summer time at different times! As I can tell you, the whole "What time is it in Australia right now" thing is sometimes as hard for Australians as it is for overseaers!

New South Wales is participating in the DST changeover, so the actual time differential to UTC/GMT may differ. Australia Melbourne time zone: The Melbourne time has a changeover to DST and the time differential to UTC/GMT may change. The Adelaide time zone: South Australia also takes part in it. There is a different time delay in summers than with UTC/GMT.

The Perth Australia Time Zone: There is no summer time in Western Australia. A further small delicacy for the summer time: Forced by the federal authorities, we were forced to accept a three-year summertime test run. This ended with a 2009 referenda in which Western Australia opposed the notion for the forth time.

This is Darwin's time zone: Summer time in Darwin: In the Northern Territory there is no summer time. The Brisbane time zone: Summer time in Brisbane: There is no summer time in Queensland. The Canberra time zone: Canberra' s summer time begins on the first Sunday in October and ends on the first Sunday in April. Tasmania and Hobart also have summer time.

The time difference in summers is UTC/GMT plus one additional hour.

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