What's the Current Time

What's the current time?

Locate time, date, and weather for Georgia, USA from an original source in online time tracking. It is bad enough that we have to remember that there are nine standard time zones in the United States and its territories. Local time is indicated at the end by a "J" and the eastern time zone by an "R" at the end.

So what's the current time in Phoenix, Arizona?

Timezones. It' s terrible enough that we have to remind ourselves that there are nine default time zone in the United States and its territory. There is also the [terrible] system we call summer time, which actually add seven more time zoning. Phoenix, Arizona's time is Mountain Default Time (MST).

We never reset our watches in the Phoenix area because Arizona does not take part in summer time. The largest part of Arizona is the same way, but there are a few exemptions. It is easy to calculate all time periods as they are predicated on the Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) used throughout the world. It' never changing; it's not a time area.

Region time zone adjust the ratio of their periods to ultra short time. California, for example, is 8 h behind normal time and 7 h behind summer time. However, there is a change in the time of day. arizona' seven hour past untc, or untc-7. Use this Timezone to see how late it is in each town in comparison to a different town.

Every state in the United States has standard time. The following graph shows that during standard time the time in Phoenix is one lesson than in California, for example, and Phoenix is two lessons less than in New York. Arizona' three lessons later than Hawaii.

Arizona's Standard Time is the same as New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and Montana, which are all UTC-7s. With the exception of Arizona and Hawaii, all U.S. states monitor daylight savings time (summer time) by advancing their watches one full hour. The following graph shows that during summer time, time in Phoenix is the same as in California, for example, and Phoenix is three months ahead of New York.

Since neither Hawaii nor Arizona observes summer time, Arizona is always three and a half hour ahead of Hawaii (UTC-7 vs. UTC-10). Arizona's summer time is the same as California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. And Arizona doesn't alter time zone, ever. It' s like MST and PDT, as you can see on the above graph, are together at the same time, UTC-7, for half a year.

Navajo nation in northern Arizona observes summer time. This means that for half the year there are parts of Arizona that are on different dates. What is even more serious is that I was staying at a Navajo country resorts that actually chose summer time. As I asked about it, I was informed that most of their visitors, as they expected to use Arizona's time zones, chose to adhere to Mountain Standard Time.

To be honest, I had to call reception to find out what time it was because I had a table reservation! If you have bought these rail or air fares or even these ball games fares and the journey or action falls on the date when the time zone for most states changes, do a second review to make sure you know when that date is.

From a technical point of view, the changeover will take place in the early mornings. Each of Arizona's big towns, Tucson, Mesa, Scottsdale, Glendale and Flagstaff included, are always at the same time as Phoenix.

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