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Well, what made you look up the subject? Mr President, what is the debate on this subject? Ranking of popularity for the word "theme" in the spoken corpus frequency: Computing is a topic of a visual pattern or a collection of patterns that determines the look and feel of a graphical interface. Topics are applied to almost any computer program that relies heavily on graphical elements, such as a browser, software program, or operating system.

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Princeton's WordNet(2.96 / 16 Votes)Rate this definition: "It was a very delicate topic"; "his epistles were always about love" "it was the common "boy gets girl" theme" "the theme is advertised in the first bars"; "the companion took up the ideas and worked them out" "he got an A on his composition" "thematic vocals are part of the tribe" "the restaurants often thematize his menus" Wiktionary(3.57 / 14 votes)Rate this definition:

This is the principal tune of a musical work, especially one that is the origin of variation. Evaluate this definition: Freebase(1.00 / 1 Voice)Rate this definition: A theme in a musical work is the musical medium, usually a recognisable tune on which part or all of the composer's work is founded.

Evaluate this definition: It' like a theme park for grown-ups. The big issue today, I think, is one of reassurance. Brexit is the subject, and humans are affected. Looking ahead to the day's theme, the offer is likely to speed up this weeks. Let us not stand idly by and see Antarctica transformed into a themepark.

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Well, what's a subject?

Definitions - What is the topic? When it comes to computer science, a theme is a set of designs that defines the look and handling of a graphical user experience. Topics are used on almost any computer application that depends on graphical features, such as a web browsers, application programs, or OS.

The topics include both pragmatic and style aspects. Topics have been part of DAC since the early days of graphical user interfacing. SAGE ( Semi-Automatic Ground Environment) project is said to have created one of the initial multi-part windows within their real-time graphical environment, which was important for the step-by-step evolution of the theme based graphical user experience.

Years later, Apple Computer became known for its early desktops topics within its PC OS - a tendency that has continued for generations in the area of PC use. As a result, many descriptive files organisation ( "folders", for example) were created, which have become very popular with our customers over the years.

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