What's the Time now with seconds

What is time now with seconds?

And Ohio is in the eastern time zone. Note: A special feature of time measurement is the necessity of leap seconds. Yet the whole country has only one time zone.

Articles - Change Time Zones in Outlook

What can I do to modify the time zones in Outlook? Each time you submit a meeting request to a participant in a different time zone, you see the meeting item appear in each person's individual schedules at those time. When you are travelling, you should adjust the time zones in your custom preferences to match the time zones you are in.

Each time you modify the time zone preference in Outlook 2010, all of your calendars are refreshed to show the new time zones, and all of your calendars mirror the new time zones. Proceed as follows to modify the time zone: Then click Calender. In the Time Zones field, enter a name for the actual time in the Label field.

Click the time zone you want to use in the Timezone dropdown box. It is also possible to include a second time zone/time to your Outlook 2010 calender. For example, the two time zone can be your own timezone and the time area of a town to which you often go.

This second time is only used to display a second timeline in the Kalenderansicht, and has no influence on how events are saved or shown. Under Time Zones on the Calender tab, click to clear the Show a second time zones option. Enter a name for the extra time in the Label field.

From the Timezone list, click the timezone that you want to use. To have your computer watch set to summer time changes (summer time) by default, click to activate the Set summer time radio button. Only available in time areas that use summer (summer) time.

If you see two time zone in the calendars, you can switch their position. Right-click the timeline in the Kalender, and then click Change Time Zone. Click Replace Time Zone under Time Zone.

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