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Right-click and select View Page Source on a website that is running on Squarespace. "Squarespace Template Detection is released by Bryan Wynkoop. To find out which Squarespace templates a website uses, do the following

Fortunately for you, my dear fellow, it is not too difficult if this website is also operated by Squarespace. When you find a website you like and it is running on Squarespace, it is simple to create something similar on your own website. The Squarespace collection includes a collection of nearly 40 template files from which you can select in a wide range of style and functions.

While some of these models have shared characteristics, others are more unique. In my view, one of the most attractive things about Squarespace is to play around with the different patterns. If you find a Squarespace page you like, it's amazingly simple to find out which one it uses. Then you can go ahead and create something similar on your own website using the same style sheet.

I' ve made a brief videotape (embedded below) that shows you exactly how simple it is to find out which Squarespace style sheet a website uses. Make sure you take this with you - it's free and it will help you see how your website is stacking up so you're willing to go if you want to modify Squarespace artwork.

If the Squarespace ID in the source does not match any of the templates in the referenced tables, what does it mean? For your information: If you want to process the same Squarespace templated ID referee file I use in the movie, you can call it here. Beneath the videos, I've also added the basics on how to verify which Squarespace templates a website uses, if that's more your own way.

Right-click on a website running on Squarespace and choose View Page Source. Click on the right mouse button. As a result, a new tab/window with the website sources is opened. Look (command + F) for 'templateid' (

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