What Squarespace Theme is that

Which square room theme is that?

Table of SquareSpace Template ID references. Have you ever wondered what template a SquareSpace website uses? Finder: The simplest way to find out which quadrature template a website uses.

The Squarespace is ideal for putting a website into operation in a minimum of space. It' simple to use and the options are infinite. No matter if you're a web designers looking for ideas for your own designs, or if you're just considering the platforms, or if you've just chosen to give your Squarespace website a facial lift (it's your turn and you know it!): you need to take a look at this fantastic utility I've just started!

You' ve been there before: you come across a website that you really like. You wonder which Squarespace templates it can use or whether it is even based on Squarespace. It'?s not exactly like Squarespace to make it any easier for you to find out. From time to time you will see "Powered by Squarespace" in the bottom line, but this line of credit disappears from most Sites.

Now there is a much easier solution: hit Findr, the simplest way on the planet to find out which Squarespace templates a website uses (and in the near term, your Squarespace SOLUL MATE). Here's what makes Findr your new favourite tool: It' s wonderfully minimalist, thanks to a custom built copy of the Skeleton S CSSilerplate.

It' s really easy to use: all you have to do is copy and past a website' URL and there is no more fiddling around! It' s powerful: for each website you will be shown whether it is based on Squarespace or another plattform and, if it is a Squarespace website, which templates are used.

And if you want to go further, there are hyperlinks to the demonstration page and the Squarespace users manual. It'?s FREE! I learned more about backend coding, especially Java, and wanted to get my palms messy and make a basic utility that folks would actually use. The Squarespace Layout Designer is what I have come up with.

I am so excited after experimenting for a few whole day that it is accessible to everyone! Currently there are over forty Squarespace submissions in the data base. They will be upgraded with more details, and more will be added soon! Become part of this and help keep it going!

Updated: Another 40 template have been added to the data base!

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