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Which WordPress theme is used by this website or blog? Which WordPress topic is this? This is a free on-line tool that allows you to review which WordPress theme your favourite website uses. The only thing you need to do is type in a web site shortcut and click "Search" to look for results. Let's visit some beloved sites to see if this works.

You can see what WordPress theme is, this utility has identifies that you are using the WordPress theme and returns its name, its specification, its release, etc... WordPress topic is that the ministry has also recognized which WordPress plug-ins are used by this website. Let's search another favorite website for WordPress theme or plug-ins used.

We can see that a large corporation like the BBC also uses websites based on the WordPress theme. Which WordPress topic is that the utility has also recognized 16 WordPress plugins that are used on this page. Next page we will review on WordPress is Rotary Means Business. Which is WordPress theme that has found that this site also uses WordPress theme.

We see in detail the name, the release, the specification, the author, the authors page, the topic page and the information about the licence. So as we see, this utility can give us in-depth information about the WordPress theme used by a website. WWTIT helped us to find out that Rotary Means Business also uses 16 plugins:

A few of these plug-ins are available with a full explanation. As an example, what WordPress theme is that the Revslider is a general-purpose slide screen plug-in that has adjustable levels of transition, effect and user-defined animation content. The Rolling Stones also use WordPress theme for their website. Which is WordPress topic that has topic detail such as name, title, authorship, version, etc. identifies.

Also found the following plugins: A final website we will review is a private photo blog by Ashley Baxter, known as Girl With a Camera. WordPress, as we can see, also runs Ashley's website because it offers her many possibilities and versatility. Not only for large businesses, but also for private bloggers, WordPress can be useful as it is simple to use, does not need any particular skill and requires a large website creation investment.

Nevertheless, it is strong enough and functionally enough to build a professional looking asset and thanks to WordPress it promotes progression and notoriety. Today, more large corporations and renowned WordPress brand names are choosing WordPress topics for their Web sites because it is the simplest way to build a high-performance Web site that meets all the needs even of large corporations.

There is a great variety of favourite web pages that use either Microsoft Office topics or plug-ins. The use of the theme Wordprocessor is this utility we like a vast listing of Wordprocessor pages: They may ask for a good explanation why so well-known and millionaire brand names use WorldPress for their webpages. WorldPress Theme does not need any programming knowledge and can be installed quickly.

Adapt it, create any kind of contents, modify its look, create several plug-ins. The WordPress application is easily integrated into your existing online community. So you can easily plug in some of your own plug-ins and easily exchange information with your audiences. The WordPress response is complete. 80 percent of trademarks, businesses or organisations have already opted for WordPress for their web sites.

The WordPress is wonderful. Lots of famous personalities have great WordPress webpages. The Rolling Stones, Jay Z, the quickest man on the planets Usain Bolt, Katy Perry, Snoop Dogg, who uses his own "Snoop D-O-Double-G" theme, are some of them. The WordPress allows you to save your own personal information. In summary we can say that with What WordPress theme we found out that the lion's portion of our current web pages are WordPress themed.

Many well-known brand names that are loved all over the globe select WordPress for their webpages. For more information about WordPress based web pages, please publish them in the comment below.

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