What Theme is this website using

Which topic is this website with the help of

To find out which site uses which templates Today, ready-made topics and patterns are the rule. Because WordPress makes it so simple to edit and manipulate your design, more and more visitors are becoming interested in what design a particular website is using. In general, the best way to find out is to do a check - but not everyone has the amount of free space and/or the ability to do so.

Consequently, many browsers enhancements and on-line utilities develop ways for you to discover the topic used by a particular website. Latest is WhatTheme, published by Inspired Magazine. WhatTheme describes itself as "Shazam for website templates" and recognizes WordPress, Ghost and shopify topics. Given that WhatTheme is relatively new, there are occasionally mistakes or false credentials.

Turning to Catalin Zorzini, the WhatTheme trustee and publisher of Inspired Mag, he said they were working on an algorithms to suggest routinely the most pertinent templates based on theme just in case a website doesn't use a commercially ready-made theme. One of the main drawbacks I've seen with WhatTheme is that it usually relates to the ThemeForest page of the theme or writer.

Although this could be an intelligent step from a sales point of view, I would rather WhatTheme also display the real authors' URI. That shouldn't be too much of a challenge - because in all probability WhatTheme analyzes the style.css of the theme. Before WhatTheme I used the WP Theme Detector for this gig, and from now on WPTD seems to be better than WhatTheme, especially because WhatTheme is still in its fledgling stages.

WhatTheme, however, certainly seems to be an interesting resource with a great deal of promise, so it might be a good idea to keep an eyeful on it!

What is the topic a website uses?

Often the name of a topic is displayed in the bottom line of the website if it is a free topic. Otherwise, I look at the sources and see if I can control which theme is used from there. You are looking in the sources for a style sheet and something like '...wordpress/themes/MyThemeName/css...', where MyThemeName is the name of the theme.

You can then do a web sweep on this topic, probably find the initial developers and either get it or buy a copy of it. ModDeals.com does not seem to use WordPress and the sourcecode does not disclose any kind of topic. It' probably custom-designed.

Nevertheless, there are many WordPress topics out there that are very similar in look and feel. When it comes to a customized design, you may be able to see what it's like, but there' s a good chance you won't be able to get it from anywhere. It is also not advisable to copy the codes or topics from the website as this is not ethical and may be unlawful.

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