What Time is it here now

Now what time is it here?

Which are the most important cities here? Now, some of her jewels can be seen for the first time in New York. Tell me until you can hear it. Watch with the current local time in the time zone: In which time zone is Barbados located?

Mary Antoinette's jewels are here. Now' s your opportunity to try it out.

The New Yorkers will be able to see, manipulate and even try on part of Marie Antoinette's jewellery, for the first and probably only time ever, with a ring containing a castle with the lady's bristles and a 331-pearl jewel ry neclace with a jeweler''s catch that has never been exhibited in the United States.

Part of an exhibition to present upcoming auction items, they will be on show until October 16 at Sotheby's York Avenue store on Manhattan's 72nd Street, York Avenue. Wedged and secretly sent to Austria, the jewellery was taken to jail when Marie Antoinette was decapitated in 1793.

Antoinette's Marie jewelry will be in good hands; in addition there will be the diamond and ruby pieces of two New York socialists who essentially represent the twentieth centuries US royal house, Happy Rockefeller and Barbara Sinatra. Former, who passed away in 2015, was the second wife of Nelson Rockefeller, US VP under Gerald Ford and New York's 49th gubernator.

Jewellery on show is part of two preview auctions to be held at Sotheby's over the next few weeks. Auctions of the royal jewels of the Bourbon Parma family, containing the Antoinette articles, will be held in Geneva on 14 November; and the New York sales of the splendid jewels, which will take place in New York on 4 December, will show the jewels of Mrs Rockefeller and Mrs Sinatra.

Sotheby' s Marie Antoinette's Marie Antoinette shows room guests can try on breathtaking diamonds for a few whole day, holding a real gem big enough to pull down their clothes. There is also a ring of diamonds with the lady's Initials on it which still contains a castle of her own coat ($20,000 to $50,000) and a glittering diadem ($350,000 to $550,000).

You can also try on a sapphire, emerald and $60,000 to $80,000 sapphire and gemstone padded collar that Ms. Rockefeller wears with her man during the campaign, or Ms. Sinatra's ruby charm jewelry strap ($150,000 to $250,000). Brooklyn-based Philippe Tremblay-Berberi, a film maker, recently participated in a press review and plans to return to Sotheby's with his friend on Saturday.

Whilst the scheming to handle jewellery that once decorated a regal headed hit the puillotine is difficult to disregard, the experience of the mid-20thcentury retro glow of America should also be enjoyable for many New Yorkers. "Marie Antoinette's line will definitely be the highlights, I think, but as a New Yorker and supporter of the whole Rat Pack age, I look forward to seeing the other tracks in action," said Marissa Cassinelli, a mediastrategist who plans to see the jewels...with the headline:

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