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Actual local time in USA - Arizona - Tucson. Obtain Tucson's weather and area codes, time zone and daylight saving time. Learn more about the Hawaii time zone and the Hawaii time difference to the mainland USA and how much daylight there is in Hawaii.

See what time it is in Hawaii.

It is important for every tourist to know the time in the Hawaiian Islands, but it is even more important to know how the time in the Hawaiian Islands is different from the time at home on the continent. It' not unusual for people to be so thrilled by their first few day in California that they choose to call home and tell their guests how much they enjoy themselves.

Trouble is, if you stay in Hawaii until after supper and accidentally reside on the eastern shore, you call your friend or relative in the midst of the dark! Let's start by looking at time in Hawaii in comparison to other large time zone.

Hawaii is 10 h behind the Coordinated Universal Time (abbreviated UTC) and formerly known as (GMT) or Greenwich Mean Time. For a great overview of the world's time zone, visit www.worldtimezone.com and find out more about the world's time zone. Hawaii is located in the Hawaii-Aleutian Time Zone, often referred to only as the Hawaii Time Zone, and shortened (HST) for U.S. citizens.

Because Hawaii does not monitor summer time, the time gap between Hawaii and all continental areas that monitor summer time will vary yearly. Time in Hawaii is also time on the Cook Islands, Tahiti and the Alaskan Aleuts for lovers of geographical attractions.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the U.S. Naval Observatory (USNO) operate an outstanding website, www.time.gov, for the time of any Hawaii trip, where you can see the time of any Hawaii trip at any time in the United States. Hawaii's light hour is somewhat less than on the continent in summers, but much longer than on the continent in winters.

As a rule, the sun rises a few moments later in summers than on the land, but can sink more than an hours and a half sooner than at home. However, in winters the sun rises a few moments sooner than on the land due to its closeness to the mainland, but can sink more than an hours and a half later.

Moreover, as many Hawaiians notice, there is less dusk than on the continent.

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