What Time it is in

In what time it is.

Basically, and without taking into account the complications of Einstein's special relativity, it is the same time as here on Earth. London time change data. The coordinated universal time (abbreviated UTC) is the primary time standard with which the world regulates clocks and time.

Actual time in South Africa

So what time is it in South Africa? different from your location: There'?s no time differences. Which are the most important towns here? Would you like to see the time in South Africa in comparison to your home? Select a date and time, then click "Send" and we will help you converting the time from South Africa to your time zones.

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Only confirm the time?

It'?s late on the lunar surface.

Basically, and without taking into account the implications of Einstein's special relativity, it is the same time as here on Earth. Of course, this is a little fraudulent, because we have not yet determined how we measure time. It is possible to set the "time" in a certain place in many ways.

On Earth, our common system ("solar time") is determined by the movement of the Sun in the heavens (although we normally follow time with an Atomic Clock). That means that your time in the area will depend on where you are on Earth, and we work around this problem with many different time zone.

Now we could also redefine a similar time system using the movement of the sun as seen from the moon. There is such a system (Lunar Standard Time), but it is not much more than an interesting practice in physicality. More useful, however, is a time defintion that does not differ from the place.

Described as Universal Time (UT), this is a contemporary version of Greenwich Mean Time. The UT time on the moon is therefore the same as the UT time on Earth.

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