What Time it is or what Time is it

So what time is it or what time is it?

If you ask a question in English, first comes the question word (who, what, where, why, why, when, how), then the verb (is, are, have, have) and then the topic of the question. What makes Americans say "three times" instead of "three times"? Now what time is it in California? California map, time zone names and time in major cities.

Terms - "What time is it" versus "What time is it".

And the most frequent form of expression is "What time is it?" Unless you have a particular need to say something else, you should just say, "What time is it?" Or " Hey, Steve, do you have the time?" or "Hey, Steve, do you know the time?"

You' re specifically asking what time it is (on a watch). One answer might be: Steve, it's 9:00 in the morning. Focus is on "time". While you could answer the same way, the stress here is on "it." One could also point to what "it" is (besides the real time).

You could answer, for example: Steve, it's time to go to the shore. Search through other tagsged issues or ask your own one.

Advertising sentences - "at what time" vs. "at what time".

Within such a framework, which usually relates to the selection between previously identified options. I' ve got some time off at 9:30, 11:00, 1:30. What time are you gonna call me? Which is used if there are no previously specified options. so I can always speak.

What time are you gonna call me? Although it is not a grammatical mistake at what time, I believe that you will call me at what time? or even better: At what time will you call (me again)? In general, when you ask a query that you ask, it means that you have to choose from a selection.

As a rule, asking for time is an open issue, i.e. what is better. Let me say that "at any time" can also be used to insert a non-restrictive relativ clause: Until 6:00 a.m. the museums is shut, at this time we open the door for people. Replacing "at what time" by "at what time" would not be appropriate in this phrase.

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