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Favourite time zone and place conversions in the USA:. For Greenwich, England, the time zone is the letter "Z" and the military phonetic word is "Zulu". This US time zone map shows the division of the country into its different time zones. The Hawaii time zone compared to the rest of the USA.

Time zone US map (36" B x 26,75" H)

This US time zonemap shows the distribution of the land into its different time zoning. These maps show the states and their boundaries and in which time area they are located. Occidental time areas are: PST (Pacific Standard Time), MST (Mountain Standard Time), CST (Central Standard Time), EST (Eastern Standard Time).

Hawaii as well as Alaska, HST (Hawaii default time) and AKST (Alaska default time) have their own time zone. Please use your short button to go to the next or preceding headline to browse out of this roundabout. Which other articles do shoppers buy after reviewing this article?

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Can New England actually alter the time zone?

Inhabitants of New England can enjoy the additional hours of Sunday morrow sleeping. Massachusetts is actually formally driving the concept of getting her out. Last weeks concluding bulletin, a dedicated state committee suggested that Massachusetts should change time zone "under certain circumstances" to introduce summer time throughout the year.

Bringing the Bay State to join Nova Scotia, Puerto Rico and others in Atlantic Standard Time would entail cost and benefit. Throughout its Wednesday review, the State Committee said that more lights in the afternoons would stimulate domestic trade through night-time retailing; increasing the loyalty of college kids who see the winter blues as frustrating for the area, and even reducing criminality and power consumption.

A perhaps easier option would be to introduce summer time all year round. Nevertheless, the Act only allows states to withdraw from summer time, as is currently the case in Arizona and Hawaii. Therefore, the State Committee advised to switch to Atlantic Standard Time and then withdraw from summer time. So what would the changes in everyday life mean?

Practically speaking, Massachusetts and the remainder of the East United States already meet the Atlantic standard time from March to November. As far as solar light is concerned, there would be no distinction for the vast majority of the year. So what's the concern? Moving to an early time zoning and the elimination of summer time would make Massachusetts an hours drive from the remainder of the east coast from November to March, which could lead to much mess and hassles.

"There would be not only a time differential, but also an uneven time differential," David Prerau, the writer of Seize the Daylight: Jose Massó, Massport's Politics Officer, said to the State Committee that the time lag in winters could be confusing Logan International Airports travellers travelling to or from places like New York City or Washington, D.C., the country's finance and politics capital.

Throughout the three week period of the year in which the United States observe summer time, but Europe does not, manageably, but expensive, logistics presents a challenge for both passenger and airport, said officers. Prerau says on the floor that the amendment would also be messy and uncomfortable for those who travel nearby or across the borders on a regular basis, be it on the outskirts of Western Massachusetts or on the Connecticut-New York line.

"It is not very comfortable to live near a time boundary," he said, and added that the initial time boundary line was used in sparsely populated areas to prevent such issues. Even if Americans are more and more often breaking the line on cables, the move would have an effect on the television customs of inhabitants with prime time shows beginning an hours later in the cold war.

Today, for example, you make a journey to Nova Scotia and TV shows and sports in the United States begin every an hour later at dark. And if you thought that this last World Series was running belatedly and tried to wait for the reference to the Celtics' next West Coast Gameplay on Atlantic Standard Time after 11:30 pm.

While Massachusetts may lead the prosecution, they are hardly the only state to consider this notion. However, the European Union has not taken this step, and the European Union has decided to take it "only if the vast majority of the other north-eastern states - possibly New York as well - do so". Early this year, Maine House and the Senate adopted seperate laws in aid of the transition to Atlantic Standard Time and summer time sanitation - but only if Massachusetts and New Hampshire did so.

The New Hampshire's House also enacted a year-round sunlight law, but it was rejected in the state senate. Related laws have been enacted in Connecticut and Rhode Island, according to Time Zone Report, a website that track such issues. Meanwhile, Vermont legislators are considering a simple motion to "demand that Congress do away with summer time" (which has only been in existence at the federal government since 1966).

Massachusetts Sonderkommission's Massachusetts reports send the matter back to Beacon Hill, where "members of the legislature may decide to submit invoices on the basis of their recommendation if and how individuals consider it appropriate," said Mark Sternman, Senator Eileen Donoghue's legislature executive chairman, who presided over the comission.

"Given that existing plans remain in place, summer time in winter could present a security threat to those kids who wait for the public transport in the darkness and to those who leave early in the morning," she reports. Therefore, the Committee recommends that any change to all-season summer time should be followed by a later period of schooling, which it is already demanding out of concern that pupils are already getting too little rest.

Prerau says, however, that the changeover to year-round summer time proved to be unpopular during the temporary implementation in the 70s power supply crises. Nonetheless, a following 1973 government review found that the extension of summer time from six to eight month would lead to small improvement "in the areas of power savings, general road security and reduction of violence crime".

Although Massachusetts recognizes some disadvantages, it wants to go all the way. "Despite the significant cost associated with this amendment, the Commission notes overall that this could have beneficial effects, largely due to the lack of a switch from summer to early summer time and the extra hours of lights in late winter", the Commission states.

Where adopted, the Communication also suggested financing an information raising exercise focusing on travellers and community groups near the proposed new time zoning borders. A further possibility would be the complete abolition of time zoning.

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