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The philosophers of the time want to solve as many questions as possible from the list of philosophical questions mentioned in the opening summary. So what time is today's Great California ShakeOut? Fuck off rocks and rolls - are you willing to let go, hide and stick to your dear lives? Now, the tenth yearly Great California ShakeOut seismic auger is a time-honored heritage in our earthquake-prone state. It' a great opportunity for long-time inhabitants and new arrivals to improve our ability to survive the seismic events, especially the ability lovingly referred to as "Drop, Cover, and Hold On", which is what you should do in the case of a serious seismic disaster in the Golden State.

How do you know it's a heavy quake? Here's what else you should know about today's show, kindly allowed by the people of Shakeout.org: When is the ShakeOur Drill? So what do we do now? Wherever you are right now, Californians are emboldened to think of a strong shake around you, then fall to the ground, quickly look for shelter under a desktop or next to a brick or wall, and then just grab on.

So how long can we last? What is the right ShakeOut label? Organisers say that most attendees use the driller as a drying exercise for the actual object and practice how they will respond during a large earthquake. Others have more comprehensive exercises that last an entire lesson or can be done throughout the workday.

What is the expectation of how many Californians? According to the last census, 10.27 million were registered to participate in today's practice. Is the California ShakeOut held at the same time each year? It' planned for October 17, 2019 at 10:17. What is the history behind the ShakeOut?

ShakeOut began in Southern California in 2008 to inform the general community about how to defend themselves during a big time. Drilling is now carried out annually in more than 20 ShakeOut officially designated areas, with new sites being added each year both here in the USA and abroad.

What can I do to help co-ordinate a shake out at my place of residence? SWAKEOUT - Who supports the shake-out-organisation? Among the patrons are FEMA, the California Earthquake Authority and AAA Northern California. Which are the prerequisites to take part in today's exercise? Anybody in California can attend, from a lone person at home to a large business in the offi ce, according to the website of shakeOut.

So where do I register for today's exercise? So, what does Drop, Cover and Hold-On look like?

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