What Wordpress site is that

Which Wordpress page is this?

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There are 5 ways to tell if a website was created in WordPress

The most frequently asked question from WordPress users is: "How do I know if a website has been created in WordPress? When you view a website, you can't tell whether it was created in WordPress or not. Often, the website does not give an indication of the platforms it uses.

We will give you 5 ways to determine if a website has been created in WordPress. While not all of these proposals will work on all WordPress pages, together they should give you a clear response. Some of the most trusted ways to indicate whether a Web site uses WordPress is to verify the sources.

Verify in the sourcecode whether important data is downloaded from the /wp-content/ directory. It is possible to browse the sources for the words "WordPress". Certain Web sites might be able to delete or deny permission to this document, but if you include license.txt in the Web site address, you will receive the WordPress licensing for it.

You can see this for example on the WordCamp page. A frequent identification of WordPress pages are the addresses for keys. Normally, the address /wp-admin/ will take you to the administrator's logon page, although web pages with powerful secure features can either conceal or obstruct this page. Some Web site may try to track the underlying technologies behind Web pages.

Builtwith.com is one of the most beloved websites that does this: WordPress is identified as WordPress properly (ingenious, I know!): As the name suggests, Chrome Sniffer works with Google Chrome and is perhaps the fastest and simplest application on the whole world. Please install Chrome Sniffer and it will appear in your browse area.

This example changes the Chrome Sniffer badge to the WordPress badge:

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