What Wordpress Theme is a site using

Which Wordpress theme is a Web site that uses the following

Click the right mouse button anywhere on the page and select "Inspect" to get the specific source code for that page. You sometimes visit a website and love the design of that website. Finding WordPress Themed Web sites with WordPress theme samples - WordPress Tavers

WPShout.com has a great review that tells you how to find easy web pages that use the theme you want to buy or use. The first thing I try to do before I download or buy a theme is to find real web pages that use the theme. Whilst some theme firms have a showscase area that highlights these pages, most of them do not.

TwentyThirteen's neat-looking children's theme was discovered with the WPShout split technology. WPShout says it's as easy as a Google query. Just enter "wp-content/themes/[theme-name]" quote mark and all and look for a query that looks like a PHP script bug. As WPShout explained, Google sometimes indicates these bugs, so the topic's name appears in your results.

I' ll let you reread the articles to find out the second way to look at how to view livesites with topics you're interested in, but I thought that would be a great way to find them. There will be some work to be done by the users to find the pages with the topic they are looking for, but this is a good step to find them.

Checking whether a WordPress site uses an originals payed design or whether you only use a zeroed design.

Zeroed asset will appear real even on the most visible parts of the theme (style.css, functions.php). So there is no safe way to tell whether you have the real or the unprotected one. And the only way you can be sure is to review your theme panels in the back end and see if a licence has been used and the theme is registrated.

Contact your ISP and ask them to provide you with the registration keys for the subject you essentially own if it was part of the covenant. For your information, NEVER will you get NULLLED THEMS with a licence number. So if you find or receive a licence code, the design was purchased from its originators.

On the contrary, it means that the topic was download from nulled/gfx sites and used on your site.

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