What Wordpress Theme is that

Which Wordpress topic is that?

It' an online tool that lets you look up plugins and themes used by a WordPress Web site. This is a free online service that allows you to check which specific WordPress theme your favorite website uses. The ScanWP is another web-based tool designed to recognize the theme and plugins used by a WordPress site. There is no additional information about the topic, only its name, URL, author and sometimes price.

Honestly, what WordPress topic is this?!

How do I use a theme detector and what is it? Have you ever asked yourself what WP theme is used to build this cool-looking website? Now, there is an answer: With our Theme Detector you can easily capture any website with just one click and get automatic information about it. Enter the website you want to be scanned into the text box above and click on the gray What WordPress theme is that? icon.

Topic cannot be recognized. So what should I do? and the target address you're trying to get proved: We're here to help and enhance the detection! I' d like to be a partner of Theme detector. Share our Topic Tracker with your audiences by releasing a hyperlink to this page - you can add your Partner Ideas to the hyperlink and they will append themselves auto-generated to all your topic information scans.

Currently we are supporting the following top quality theme providers: ThemeForestry, Elegant themes, ThemeShop, TemplateMonster. The following is your customized recommendation link: where[1] is your ThemeForest username, e.g.[2] is your Elegant Themes partner ID, e.g.[3] is your MyThemeShop partner ID, e.g., and[4] is your TemplateMonster partner log-in, e.g. .

For example, your customized hyperlink might look like this: ! one of the most loved and acclaimed WordPress topics on the web, Divi combining great graphics with high-quality coding, a variety of theme choices, and probably the most sophisticated integrated drag-and-drop contentbuilder that exists today.

It is more than just a topic, it is a full-fledged platform for creating up-to-date web sites with WordPress. The theme provides a dozen or so pre-built website layout templates that only need your contents. You can also use the hundred of choices and functions to make something unique! Best seller on ThemeForest since 2015. Disclaimer: Some of the hyperlinks on this page and in the results of the Theme Detector are affilate hyperlinks, by click you are supporting our projects (i.e. we receive market fees from the vendors) at no extra charge to you.

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