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WordPress topic is that the service has also detected which specific WordPress plugins are used by this website. Have you ever wondered which WordPress theme your favorite page uses? Skip to What if no theme name is displayed when viewing the page source? The Whoiswp is simply a tool that allows you to find out which WordPress theme a website uses.

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Was WordPress Theme Is That is a free on-line utility that allows you to instantly recognize which WordPress theme a website uses (including parents and children themes). You will also see which WordPress plug-ins are used. Was Wordpress Theme Is That? was added by Jeremyope in November 2015 and the last updated was made in November 2015.

There is a historical record of all activities related to What Wordpress Theme Is That? in our Activity Log. It is possible to refresh the information on Which Wordpress topic is this? or to notify it as canceled, Duplicated or Spamming. The WebTech Detector will let you know which plug-ins and theme have been used to give it its look and feel and function.

The WebTech Detector offers you all the features you need..... Satori' s WordPress Theme Detector utility will help you see which WP theme a website is using with just one click. The WordPress Theme Detector is a free utility that allows you to find out more about the theme and plug-ins of a WordPress site. The WhoisWP is a quick, easy to use WordPress theme detection application that immediately answers the question: "Which WordPress theme does this website use?

Which WordPress topic does this blog use? How to find out how to find out

Which WordPress topic is this? Did you discover a nice looking blogs and now wonder what WordPress theme it uses? If no theme name is displayed when the page resource is displayed, what happens? In the WordPress HTML page you will find "style.css" or "/themes/". On the style sheet of my blogs you will see this information for example: Description:

This is the topic for course providers offering courses on-line. Now you have all the detail you need to find out what topic a blogs uses. There is also no need for a special WordPress theme detectionool. Now, in your WordPress Blog Dashboard, you can go to the Appearance pull-down menus, browse and enable the topic you just noticed.

If no theme name is displayed when the page resource is displayed, what happens? A few bloggers use a WordPress theme based customized theme that has been recreated from the ground up. There are some who try to conceal their theme name for one or the other of these reasons. That makes it quite unlikely to know the name of the subject unless you ask them.

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