What Wordpress Theme is this site using

Which Wordpress topic is this page with the help of

That' s a question we ask very often in the WordPress community. You sometimes visit a website and love the design of that website. Browse the sites that use a particular Themeforest WordPress theme.

A WordPress theme, either from ThemeForest from another WordPress theme vendor, has unique identifying text that you can look for on Google. Browse the website sources (CMD+Option+U on Mac (computer) or Control+U on Windows computers for most browsers) and look for something like wp-content/themes/[theme-name]. Look for the theme name "theme-name" and then perform a theme named themeForest if the results are too wide.

Couple of service that you can use to check the website address to see what theme they could use: What WordPress theme is this? There' s little prospect because there is no code indexed by searching machines. But if a website has permitted folder listing, try it..... Google: Does this reply still apply?

It is not possible to easily find sites with a particular topic. You can do this by visiting the theme's seller website instead of Themeforest, and they can have a section where the sites use their theme. Aside from your query, see Which WordPress theme do they use?

Reveals 5 Uncovered if you want to know what topic a website uses. You can try something like meanpath.com if the topic's sources have something clearly identified. Find Wordpress topics on WPSlug.com, then click on the results and be redirected to blog posts with that topic.

You can find lots of lots of samples on weblogs, which use pretty much any topic you can think of. It is also possible to look for this topic in your own weblogs, for example if you are looking for a specific place in a particular area.

Checking whether a WordPress site uses an originals payed design or whether you only use a zeroed design.

Zeroed asset will appear real even on the most visible parts of the theme (style.css, functions.php). So there is no safe way to tell whether you have the real or the unprotected one. And the only way you can be sure is to review your theme panels in the back end and see if a licence has been used and the theme is registrated.

Contact your ISP and ask them to provide you with the registration keys for the subject you essentially own if it was part of the covenant. For your information, NEVER will you get NULLLED THEMS with a licence number. So if you find or receive a licence code, the design was purchased from its originators.

On the contrary, it means that the topic was download from nulled/gfx sites and used on your site.

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