What Wordpress Theme used

Which Wordpress theme was used?

The following is a list of the plugins used on the website. This is because it is the WordPress template hierarchy that determines which of the files in a topic is used at a particular time. What WordPress theme was used for sammobile.com? I' ve made the website with this WordPress theme detection utility - Free on-line detection tools to find a siteĀ“s theme, it seems they have used the best programming standard to conceal the basic theme, they have done a great deal of customizing along with new Plugins.

Here I searched for a three-column theme and found this interactive - highly professional blog WordPress Theme @YThemeShop ....

It looks like this topic or something similar has been used to create this website. Publication: I am co-owner of BrandNshout.com, a digital branding and digital advertising group.

Your free WordPress theme is sabotage your blogs.

All along you had the intent to upgrade to a premier theme. However, month or even year later, you're still crossing on a free-bie theme. Updating is still on your to-do sheet, of course, but you have so many other things to do. Although you may not recognize it, your free design could cost you a lot.

when you discovered this free topic. Wiser to be saving your cash for something else you might need instead of wasting it on something as trivial as a theme you could get for nothing, right? Free-of-charge topics are at the cost of your precious times and ressources.

Yes, the choice of a free topic seemed to be a good initial invention. So, how do you know if your free topic is spoiling your blogs? You are never quite satisfied with your topic and therefore you never keep to it for long. Sure, the installation of a new free theme will make you better felt... for a short time.

If your website is not as sexy as other websites, if your website looks too similar to others or if you are struggling with an irritating absence of features, these are all signs of using a free website site and why you might be forced to change. Periodic topic changes may seem innocuous, but there are some big problems with this habit:

The fast part is to download and install the themekit. You will then need to set up all the theme-specific preferences, make sure that the new design matches well with any earlier adjustments you have made (and correct any defects manually), and fill in any new widget areas you did not have before. Finding out new functions also needs a lot of patience.

They know how to browse the site to find what they need, they are used to their look and generally feels at home there. In this way you are adapting to the new look.... and just as you get used to it, the theme changes again. Invest in a customized premier theme with the opportunity to evolve with you and fit your needs.

If you need your design to do something it can't do right out of the box, plug-ins can look like a good workaround. We have many great plugs. However, with over 42,000 plug-ins available, it can be difficult to separate the grain from the straw (unless you are a programmer yourself).

Plus, every plug-in you use adds an extra risk...a one you wouldn't have to take if your design already had the functionality you need. You can, for example, use plug-ins to perform functions such as: ThriveThemes is a prime theme with all the above mentioned functions - and more - so no extra plug-ins are needed.

However, even with a prime theme, some plugs are still inevitable. So, how can you tell if the plugs you use are adding valid new features or just plugging gaps in your free design? All bloggers deserving of their share need an opt-in landing page: a page without a navigational toolbar and without a side bar that distracts from the one call to action to sign up for your e-mailinglist.

But the problem is that most free designs don't allow you to completely delete the entire nav. Of course, many of them will allow you to delete the side bars (so that the contents span the entire width of the page) to create individual page web sites or have a stationary home page. However, these topics do not give you the opportunity to delete the navigational bars for certain pages, which is indispensable for the effective work of a Landing Page.

We have a few, very restricted, possibilities for free plug-ins to do this. Evaluations of these plug-ins, however, show many problems (remember that we alerted you about badly encoded plug-ins?). And if you're not sure whether your design has a page-loading function or not, learn how to verify it here: In your WordPress dashboard, go to the Pages window and open one of them for editing.

If a theme is page landable, you will usually see "Template" under "Page Attributes", with the choice to choose "Landing Page" or "Blank Page" as a default. When there is no target page or empty page style, the choices may look something like this (or there will be no "Template" section at all):

Or browse your design literature for a features listing. You can find the documents on your topic under Appearance > Topics > Topics > Topic Detail (click on the miniature image of your topic). Click on the author's name (under the topic's name) to go to his website. Not mentioning target pages probably does not mean target pages.

Once you are successful, you can buy a premier page-loading plug-in to do a sound work. Why not invest this cash in an all-in-one premier theme that can build land pages and offer so much more? There is nothing more painful than encountering a dilemma with your subject and finding that there is no one to help you.

Unfortunately, free topics are known to have bad backing (if they provide backing at all). You may find, for example, that something doesn't look right after you upgrade your design to the latest one. Most likely, in such cases you will need an assistant to help diagnosis and resolution of the issue.

What if you haven't had a problem with your subject yet? These four quizzes give you a fairly good indication of whether your topic is well endorsed or not before you knock on their doors, even if you haven't yet had to ask for them. Check out the latest 5-10 thread updates from the last 30-60 day in the forums.

When you answer "no" to any of the above or when you come across a mistake where you can't find a member of our technical staff to help you, spare yourself the headaches and put your money into a well backed premier topic. Putting an e-mail opt-in field in the side bar of your free theme is simple (simply copy and paste your e-mail provider's e-mail address into a text widgets in the side bar area).

Apart from the side bar, there are two main areas that you should use with a strong registration form: Unfortunately, most free designs are only equipped with the default side bar and footer widget area. Though there are a few plug-ins for add custom widgets, these "hacked" fixes have the same risk we already talked about in character #2.

Featuring a high-quality drag-and-drop design. You can use drag-and-drop topics to place opt-in form or practically any type of visual output wherever you want. Trouble resolved! In the latter case, it could be the blame of your free topic. As you can see, many free topics have horribly inflated encoding, and some are crammed full with JavaScript, which causes slow charging.

Naturally, slowly charging is not always an option. Occasionally it is due to something else, such as a host error or the use of unoptimized pictures. Here is how you can see if your free design is to blame or not: If your scores are higher now that you've disabled your design you know it's the doer.

When your free design offers your users a quiet viewing environment, why not buy a flaming, quick, premier design? You have probably already noticed how important it is for the safety of your blogs to always upgrade WordPress to the latest release. Did you know that it is just as important to keep your topic up to date?

An issue that is not promptly refreshed can cause not only a number of errors, but also safety risks. However, the issue is that free topics are usually not kept up to date. In addition to that, free topics are known to be backed up with base-64 coding, making it simple for spamers to conceal bad coding, malware, link injection, and scrambled spamming myinks.

If so, get a top-quality theme from a renowned firm such as Elegant Themes, StudioPress, Themify or WooThemes. It' s therefore timely to omit free topics forever and instead choose to add a prime theme. Yes, you have to restart with a new theme, and yes, you have to spend some cash on it.

Have a look at some of the above proposed prime topics. As soon as you dig you up you free WordPress theme, you can stop worrying about choking your blogs and begin to focus on the essentials.

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