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The Indigo is a modern WordPress magazine theme tailored to online magazines and blogs. Index - Blog & Magazine WP Topic The Indigo is a brave journal and blogs theme that can be used for almost any alcove. The theme demonstration shows some of the design layouts available, but with a little play with the available layouts, you can make the design look completely different than it was originally.

Have a look at what this amazing theme can do for your website. Each detail of your website will look perfectly and professionally, no matter what your visitors' resolutions or sizes. Blog? Journal? The numerous layout options we have added allow you to customise every detail of Indigo to suit your needs.

You can use the homepage in both blogs and magazines. Or you can even mix both and view the latest articles above and the featured category below. There can be several Widget in the journal's lay-out, displaying articles from different category. Industry-leading Indigo comes with a number of built-in Widgets that help you quickly activate various functions in the theme without having to find plug-ins that fit the theme.

Below are just a few of the contained widgets: Karussell-Slider - shows contributions from different category or tag. FontAwesome Script Integrator - Advanced application that provides more than 400 user-defined symbols thanks to FontAwesome Scripting. TABDED WIDGES - a basic but useful tool that lets you build a tabs area from any of your WIDGES.

This is a wide spread tool that allows you to display different parts or catagories on your website by simply adding a user-defined picture. Frequently commented/viewed articles - two widgets that display a listing of the most viewed articles, ordered by number of commentaries or number of viewpoints. Indigo doesn't require you to spend your time searching for the right plug-in to find and adding hovering share keys to your post.

All you need is already contained in the theme. In Indigo, the posting templates and the blogs are very adaptable. Contributions can be displayed in a 2 or 3 column raster or in a conventional listing format. Take a look at the blogs page, for example. Customize the design and get an instant previewer with our built-in Customizer.

Customise colours, fonts, background, logo, menu, widgets and more, all with a full real-time view. Full Width Instagram Widget - Our free Instagram Widget can be used as a normal widget in widgets, but we have also added a full width widgets area in the footer that shows your latest Instagram pictures in a nice full width streaming.

For current postings you can use the normal page driven navigational system or go to endless page driven mode to download new postings autmatically as you move down the page. It is also possible to modify the endless browsing behaviour to upload new postings when you click a pushbutton. Section in the header of your header - in the upper menubar you can insert a link to any kind of network.

There are 3 widgets areas below the slide show on the title page where you can add a nice wideget named Image Box that you can use to create links to any page. Are you looking for more WordPress topics? We have Indigo on our best WordPress topics page of our journal Blog.

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