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What's the whole web?

WhatsApp Web What is WhatsApp Web? WhatsApp, the most widely-used smart-phone messaging solution, is now able to talk to your buddies from your computer. From now on, enjoy WhatsApp from your own desk. The web page displays a QR that must be scan with the WhatsApp portable app to enable the call. Scan ing the displayed QR codes and your WhatsApp mobiles will have been linked to your WhatsApp web clients as shown.

The WhatsApp Web application will require you to download and run the latest Whatsapp release of the Android application on your mobile device. It currently works on Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry, but there is currently no web based application for iPhone OS end user because the platforms is limited. WhatsApp Web is essentially a desktops or laptops edition of the WhatsApp application.

All your chat can be accessed and synchronized, but you don't have the same functionality as the application. Anything you do on the web is synchronized and also displayed on your iPhone or Android application, so all your chat is synchronized and the same applies.

I' ve used this WhatsApp Web for some of my chatting so far when I'm at the computer, and for me it works great, the added advantage is that I typ on a computer as quickly as on a telephone, so my chatting is much quicker when I answer.

WhiteAppWeb is a web application or on-line tools that has been created for ease of use and a better way to deliver a message to your friend, relative, or other person that you want. You can use it with all functions available in the Whatsapp Mobile application. To use the WhatsApp Web function or the on-line tools, you must have scanned the QR codes created in the WhatsApp Mobile application.

The WhatsApp Desk Top and WhatsApp Web applications are computer-based enhancements to the WhatsApp accounts on your mobile device. Every time you do anything on the telephone, it applies to WhatsApp on your computer and back. Credits: WHATSAP FAQ - How do I use WhatsApp on my computer? The WhatsApp Web is an on-line edition of WhatsApp.

Enables Web site visitors to use WhatsApp functionality from their PCs after logging in to the Web site by scans a bar code on their WhatsApp-enabled phones. Currently, the WhatsApp Web is missing some functionality such as streaming videos, voice calling, and WhatsApp state upload.

It' a function that allows you to use Whatsapp on your computer or your web-rowser. Just enter "web.whatsapp.com" in the location toolbar and whatsapp (on your device) will automatically generate a connection by scanning the QR with the QR number.

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