Whats for web

What is for the Web

WhatsApp's web client uses your phone to connect and send messages - in a way, everything is mirrored. As long as your phone is connected to the Internet, your web session remains active. The web page displays a QR code that must be scanned with the WhatsApp mobile application to activate the service.

New WhatsApp function allows you to use your web browsers to talk.

From now on, enjoy WhatsApp from your own desk. Whatsapp worked on a webcast last week and from today it will be released to the world. WhatsApp Web is a function that allows the user to view and post a message directly from their web browser.

The web page displays a QR that must be scan with the WhatsApp portable appliance to enable the call. Scan ing the displayed QR codes and your WhatsApp mobiles will have been linked to your WhatsApp web clients as shown. The WhatsApp Web feature will require you to download and run the latest Whatsapp release of the Android web browser on your cell device.

It currently works on Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry, but there is currently no web based application for iPhone OS end user because the platforms is limited. "Today, for the first of its kind, you' re going to give billions of you the opportunity to use WhatsApp in your web browsers. "Our web clients are just an add-on to your phone:

Your web browsers reflect calls and messaging from your handset - meaning all your messaging is still on your smartphone. "The Web release includes support for desk top notification, so people will be informed of new WhatsApp news even if they don't check the Web page. In addition, the Facebook firm is also working on a speech call function, which WhatsApp will shortly bring to market.

WhatsApp currently has 700 million subscribers who send 30 billion daily news items and is larger than most of its peers, among them Facebook Messenger, Line and WeChat. The new function will definitely enlarge the size of the overall product range. Whatsapp prohibits 24x7 use of WhatsApp Plus or any other third-party app on their phones since last night.

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