Whats Time now

What's the time now?

DST is not valid on this date/time in GMT. Maps the time zones of the United States and the actual time in the different time zones. A time zone? What is a time zone? Daylight Pacific Time to World Time Converter, current local time in PDT, PDT clock with seconds.

In order to avoid these integrity problems, GoodData uses the default time zone of the account for report data.


What time area does Insights use? Insights has three different time zone settings that are valid in different situations: View all time items shown in the user screen, such as the synchronization time items on the Manage tabs. Personal e-mails that are planned directly from a Dashboard. When filtering by a specific date, Insights displays the results from 12:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m. of the account's time zoning.

Synchronization time per day for your account. Globally planned e-mails. The results in a single graph can be changed dramatically by setting the date with a different time area. This would at best result in disparities due to who executed the individual reports. Ideally, this would compromise the accuracy of your information and reports.

In order to prevent these health issues, GoodData uses the standard time zones of the reporting information accounts. To simplify matters, we try to display your time in the UI as much as possible. Pacific Standard Time is the only exceptions for e-mails sent globally. Globally planned email is built into these features, and there is no way to customize them without affecting the remainder of the team.

What is the best way to define a time area for a course?

During a course, all data and periods are shown according to the course time area. Rates are preset to the time zones of the accounts automatic. If you are a teacher, however, you may be able to modify the time zones for your course. Please note: In their user settings, the user can specify a time region that has no influence on the course time area.

Once a user has specified a time area in their user settings, all course data and time will be displayed in their time, but when they move the mouse over the date and time, they can also see the course date and time. Click on the Settings button in the course navigation. From the Time Zones drop-down list, choose a new time zones for your course.

Display the time area for your course. Contents > Preferences > How can I define a time area for a course?

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