The WhatsApp Messenger is a free messaging app available for iPhone and other smartphones. The WhatsApp Messenger is a free messaging app available for Android and other smartphones. The WhatsApp Messenger app for smartphones is free to download. While WhatsApp uses the Internet to send messages, pictures, audio, or video, we do not use the Internet to send messages. Locate WhatsApp logos, images, colors, screenshots and other objects and learn how to use them.

WhatsApp Messenger in the App Store

The WhatsApp Messenger is a free instant messenger application available for iPhone and other mobile devices. With WhatsApp, you can use your phone's Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi port (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, if available) to connect to the network and call your friend or acquaintance. Move from SMS to WhatsApp to instantly broadcast and recieve your text and voice mail as well as your voice mail. WHATSAPP WHY USE WHAT:

We use your phone's Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi network (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, if available) to give you the ability to post messages and call your friend and acquaintance so you don't have to charge for every post or call. There are no subscriptions for using WhatsApp. Sending and receiving still images, video, and voice messages. - Free calls: Call your boyfriends and girlfriends for free with WhatsApp Calling, even if they're in another state.

WhatsApp calling uses your phone's Wi-Fi line and not the speech time of your mobile schedule (Note: there may be information charges). In addition, you cannot use WhatsApp to call 911 and other 911s. - Group Chat: Enjoy group chat with your contact list so you can keep in contact with your friend or your loved one.

  • WHATSAPP WEB: WhatsApp news can also be sent and received directly from your computer's web browsers. It works with your telephone number, just like text messaging, and fits neatly into your phone's current directory. - ALWAYS LOGIN: WhatsApp keeps you always signed in so you don't miss any news. There' s no more messing about whether you're booked in or out.
  • FAST CONNECTION WITH YOUR CONTACTS: You can use your contact list to quickly and simply link you to your WhatsApp contact list, so you don't have to enter difficult to memorize user names. - OFFLINE MESSAGES: WhatsApp saves your latest news until the next times you use the application, even if you miss your alerts or turn off your mobile device.

Split your locations, swap people, customize background images and notifications, send instant messaging to more than one contact, and more! Please note: WhatsApp is a phone application, so iPod and iPad are not support phones. When you can append a function to provide the ability to speed up the replay of long voicemails, that would be astonishing!

Up to now this application is very robust and works very well, but I really miss the capability to accelerate these long news, as we mainly use them for speech, since the topic we are discussing in these groups is often too much to typing. Even in a group conversation, it would be great if there were alerts directly in the conversation box to let you know who saw the news and who didn't, as is the case with Facebook Messenger/Voxer.

Vendor WhatsApp Inc. Copyright © 2018 WhatsApp Inc. Up to six members of the extended familiy can use this application by setting up their own sharing system. Do things in this application with your vote.

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