Whatsapp Iphone Theme for Android

Iphone Theme for Android

Upload WhatsApp Messenger and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Threads | How to Modify the Topic in WhatsApp The WhatsApp topics are the most sought-after features among WhatsApps. Whilst there are many things you can really like about WhatsApp, many folks think there should be more customisation to it. Learn how to modify topics in WhatsApp in this tutorial. Continue reading to learn more about the WhatsApp theme changes.

Currently, WhatsApp is probably the most widely used Android application in the game. Corresponding to a new statistics WhatsApp is used by 1. 2 billion people and this is like 1 in every 6 group. Now we can all see why Facebook has put so much into buying WhatsApp - an application that hasn' t earned any cash.

WhatsApp's popularity is due to its simple nature. Also, almost every individual you know is likely to have a WhatsAppccount. Although there is a multitude of applications with lots of versatility and functionality, nothing can and will come anywhere near WhatsApp's level of achievement.

Whilst there are many things you can like about WhatsApp, there are also a few drawbacks. WhiteApp Topics! Yeah, WhatsApp's easy. Yeah, WhatsApp's clear. Yeah, WhatsApp does the work. We' re on Android because we scream noisily! That' why today you'll learn how to switch topics on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is a slightly improved edition of WhatsApp with many new functions. It' s highly adaptable and contains many built-in WhatsApp topics! Here are a few things you should know about it before you start downloading the APK files from YOWhatsApp: WhatsApp built-in topics ?

Inside Short Files, just a better release of WhatsApp with much more versatility and WhatsApp topics. The latest release of JOWhatsApp can be downloaded by click below: Once you have downloaded the APK files from the above links > Attach your telephone to your computer and copy/move the APK files to your telephone.

Select a directory and open a directory where you want to copy the APK-files. As soon as you have the APK installation, return to the home screen. Look for it in your launch and touch it to open it. Type in your number and set up YouWhatsApp.

It' s exactly the same procedure as the WhatsApp application. If you are in the application menu > Please touch the'+' in the lower right hand side menu and then touch the Topics button (it's the first one from the bottom). All available topics are displayed.

Scroll through the topics lists and when you find the topic you want, touch Install. Topic is download and apply automatic. Reboot the application as soon as the topic is used, it is awaited; no need to be worried. So you can modify the WhatsApp theme with WhatsApp's APK.

Beside these WhatsApp topics YOWhatsApp has much more to do! The WhatsApp application offers a variety of features that you would not find in the standard WhatsApp application. It is the simplest way to modify WhatsApp topics. Discover and get to know WhatsApp's hundred of topics and adapt your WhatsApp to look the way you want!

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