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Have you always wanted to use a real keyboard for WhatsApp, but you have an iPhone? WhatsApp Web UX Color UX Useability Test Solving the problems that have been pinpointed in the Whatsapp experiment. WhatsApp is a handset and web based messaging solution that lets you broadcast text message, pictures, audio, as well as videos over the web. Used around the world, WhatsApp is the most widely-used Web application for instant message sharing. The WhatsApp wallpaper is also very comfortable to use and sends emails to your friends while working on your system.

Used to help the WhatsApp Web server recognize users' Paint Points. Guerrilla Useability Test Tracking is used to test the items on WhatsApp. It creates a task queue that a WhatsApp web server allows a particular end users to do. Task priorities are set according to the frequency with which a task is performed by a particular group.

Every job is tagged with a point from 1 to 3. The most frequently used jobs are tagged with 3 points, jobs that are done from time to time are tagged with 2 points, and jobs that are done in a while are tagged with 1 point. The two most frequently used assignments are rated with 3 points.

Select items are handed over to your end users along with statements. The following table shows the current workflow of each item together with its terms. i) Find in the chatslist, ii) Go to the New Chat above symbol and find the person. It was not clear to the end-user how to distinguish between these two possibilities.

Finding in the chat lists gives the impression that the Finding only runs through the chat lists, and in fact it works for both chats and people. The New Chat item, on the other hand, also provides a chat and contact listing. There must be a clear distinction between chats and contact.

You can do this by using a filtering feature in the contact lists, or you can sort a particular contact by the last chats or contact name. Messages Info merges the area that displays the messages state with the messages area. In addition, it is not clear that the users display the state of which messages.

It also took some browsing to find the Closing symbol at the top of the Messages window. A clear distinction must be made between the range of news information windows and news windows. Because this is a version for the Desktop, and the Messages area is still open when you open the notification area, the relationship between the news and its information could be more clearly highlighted.

Select one of the messages and it will be displayed highlight. Users can append more data by selecting the field Create with Caption.

Corrected the curser to change the size when the operator tried to browse themes area. You cannot perform browsing using the keypad in the Contacts section and in the Contact/Group Information section. Messages in reaction to an activity indicator in the lower leftside of the contact lists, where the users have repeatedly jumped over them. You cannot update the state on the desktop release, and the end users cannot clear their state.

In addition, the occupant is not able to see the viewer of the state. WhatsApp Web is intended to give the Web visitor valuable information about WhatsApp Web. WhatsApp has no question about the unprecedented ease of use it offers its customers, and I trust this tutorial will help make it even better.

It'?s Happy WhatsApping!!!

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