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Recognizing WordPress themes with WhatWP ThemeIsThat (verified)

Which WordPress topic does this website use? Now, you can - with WhatWPThemeIsThat (a free on-line tool, better known as What WordPress Thread Is That?). Of course, there are many great WordPress themes sites (and if you're not sure where to begin, just jump to a site like ThemeForest and you'll undoubtedly find many beautiful designs).

Briefly: What WordPress Subject Is That is a website that should do exactly what it says on the can - i.e. recognize the WordPress subject that a particular website uses. I will take in this article what WordPress topic this is so that a spinning shows you what it does, how to use it, and most pertinently whether it really works (and if so, how well?).

Which WordPress topic is this and what can it do? This is a free topic recognition utility found at WhatWPThemeIsThat.com. Designed by Ultimate Marketing Strategies, it was one of the first topic recognition utilities to be released in 2011. Obviously, first and paramount must run a website WordPress to have the hopes that you will recognize its topic - here is a short tutorial from us on how you can test whether a website uses WordPress for itself.

When this first criteria is fulfilled, What WordPress Subject Is That can then penetrate the website in order to search for treacherous characters of the subject of the website. As well as the topic of a website, the utility is also able to find out which plug-ins a website uses. This far, so good - you probably now have a good notion of what you can look forward to from the tools.

On the one hand not all WordPress web pages will deliver results. Due to safety reasons some sites are hiding that they use WordPress and the design they use. If you go further, the tool's attempt to recognize plug-ins will be hampered if the plug-ins are not enabled on a particular page. Just go to WhatWPThemeIsThat.com and enter the address you want to verify.

A few sites use different topics on different web sites - for example, they can have their own topic for their blogs. If you are focusing on plug-ins, also make sure that you select a web address that you know is working. When the website you are looking for is not using WordPress, you receive an error like this: "The website you are looking for does not use WordPress:

However, if it uses WordPress, the utility returns as much information as possible. Topics and plug-ins. In order to respond to this, I have created a special test enviroment in which the free Twenty Sixteen themed program is located. Eight free plugs have also been added, which can be seen on the frontend of the website.

But the plug-ins I've chosen are: And to make things a little more demanding, I also have four WordPress plug-ins behind the scenes: If that' s out of the way, let's see how the WordPress topic that is works, shall we? So, how's the WordPress topic, that's that? In the first place, it is noteworthy that it has brought the subject - twenty sixteen - to the point.

Secondly, it also got a clear overview of all eight frontend plug-ins that were deployed and enabled on the website. This means that if you fell in love with a particular web site style item - e.g. an opt-in request template - you can access What WordPress is That and have a good shot of locating the appropriate plug-in.

Somewhat less impressive was the plug-in for the "hidden" plug-ins. Only the WP supercache of the four plug-in installations was marked. However, this was to be anticipated, since these plug-ins are much more complicated to recognize. So while the utility was extremely useful to detect the frontend plug-in lookup of a website, it was much less efficient to expose the backend GUIs.

Though I expected it to make the subject right, I thought it was much more hit-or-miss in plugin detection. This ( uniquely admitted ) test was 100% exact with the set of plugs it recognized. WordPress site users can hide their WordPress use, use customized designs, or take precautions to hide their design.

And again, when it comes to plugin detection, it is more complicated to call this plugin. The results of this test allow us to deduce that all plug-ins active on the frontend will probably be recognized. Altogether, WhatWPThemeIsThat is quite good (albeit with some limitations).

Overall I am a big supporter of What WordPress Topme Is That and I will certainly use it again next times I come across a website with a must-have desig! Do you use other WordPress recognition tool?

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