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Navigate to the wp-content > themes folder. Choose your design and then download it to your computer. Leverage the options to be up and running in minutes and start customizing your new website with just a few clicks. Note that themes contain PHP code and you should only download them from trusted servers.

Follow these steps to download a design that is available in the Storefront Design section of the Store-Control Panel.

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Spare sponsor: Download and release your design for your website using our Content Management System (CMSMS) and find out how to customise the look and feel of your website. Notice: Although free and free themes are available here, one of the main advantages of using Content Management System over other CMS solutions is the ease of creation of your own theming. ContentMS 2.x compatible:

Cmsmsms 2.x compatible: Cmsmsms 2.x compatible:

Cash - Digital Download WordPress themed by Array

Start your own online shop or market place. Checkout and Easy Data Downloads allow you to build your own shop to distribute your own stick photos, sound clips, eBooks, videos and more. The Checkout also contains several beautiful looking layouts to help you build a stylish and professionally styled corporate or web-site. Build a team page, include price charts, test stories, and more!

Transform your website into a provider marketing place. With the EDD Marketsplace bundle (sold separately), you can turn your shop into a multi-vendor marketing place where sellers can post items for purchase on your website. Activate the commission expansion (included in the Price Package) to make a percentage of every purchase on your website!

Marketplace package also allows you to include ratings, wish list, recommendations and more. We' ve described every centimeter of the EDD Marketplace Bundle enhancement in detail and created a nice and easy to use dashboard for your suppliers to administer their produce and sell. Vendor dashboard allows you to manipulate and administer your vendor list, adding new items, responding to comment, viewing revenue and more.

The POS has an elegant, reactive look that means your website adapts to any display format, from desktop to cell phone. Each page and function has been optimised to work on any machine. Mobility-optimised check-out even allows travellers to go to the cash register on the move and retrieve their downloads via e-mail when they get back to a computer.

We' ll take care of everything, all you have to do is enable your thematic licence and you have Typekit immediately available. Proxima Nova, a contemporary geometrical zero point of sale with super-clear line, is part of the checkout and will give your type face a courageous, contemporary and sophisticated look. Checkout can also be used to create an attractive collection to present your latest photographs, designs, sound effects or videos.

The checkout contains a page for your teams and a Gravatar Profiles widget that allows you to present your members with a short profiles and link. When you don't have a Gravatar user name yet, it's easy to start creating a Gravatar user name. If you enable Checkout, you will be directed to the Getting Started page.

Here you can see the comprehensive help files, display and download suggested plug-ins, search FAQ's, check out the latest Checkout update and enable your Topic Lic. How much do I get with the checkout? Every Checkout purchased includes the Checkout topic, supported by one year of fast technical assistance, topic upgrades and full font library integration.

One year later, we will extend your licence period with a 20% rebate to make sure you receive the latest topic update and ongoing technical assistance. As an option, you can decline to extend your Topic Licence. Is it possible to use Checkout after my licence has expired? Yes, you can definitely use your topic further, but without an activated topic licence you have no right to topic supports, upgrades or Typekit script.

That' s why we chose Proxima Nova in Checkout, a superpure, contemporary serifless typeface with a daring, sophisticated look. Which is Easy Data download? The Easy Data Downloads (EDD) is a free WordPress plug-in that allows you to distribute your goods digitally on your website. It is completely up to you and is only needed if you want to advertise your website for your own personal use.

While EDD is 100% free, you can also buy enhancements to enhance your website with more functions to make it as small or efficient as you want it to be. Which is the market place package? Our package is a set of enhancements designed specifically for those who want to create a Easy Digital Downloads based audience.

With these enhancements, you can include front-end users submissions, reviews, recommended product, and wish lists, so you can build a standalone or multi-user storefront. The Checkout package is developed to fit smoothly into all enhancements of the Marktplace package. You do not need the Marktplatz package to be able to use Easy Digital Downloads to resell your product only if you want to build a Marktplatz.

Cash register and simple downloads work as stand-alone storage immediately after unpacking. To create your own dedicated Checkout Place, as shown in the Checkout Place demonstration, you will need to include some of the following plug-ins, based on what functions you need in your Checkout Place.

The plug-ins below are optionally available, but are backed by Checkout. Reduced bundles of all enhancements below. Available seperately. Available seperately. Automatically generate renewed subscriptions. Available seperately. Delivers licence keys along with your product. Available seperately. Enable your customers to post feedback on your product. Available seperately.

Available seperately. View cross-selling of suggested items. Available seperately. Available seperately. Enable people to store and distribute their favourite items. Available seperately. Which plug-ins are suggested for check-out?

We have added a checklist of suggested Plugins below. Although all plug-ins are available as options, some are needed to build a website similar to the checkout demonstration. In order to get the most out of your cash register, you should at least download and use the Array Toolkit (free) and Easy Digital Downloads (free). Add functions for portfolios and testimonials.

Sales your products digitally on your website. It is also part of the cash register: Every topic has a vibrant, reactive look, so your website adapts to any display format, from desktop to cell phone. In order to guarantee unsurpassed coding accuracy, we work with WordPress.com staff to check every topic we introduce.

Topic choices you need, none you don't. Easily setup, tune, and start your website with our simple and useful customizer themes option. Every design is encoded to stringent WordPress coding levels to guarantee interoperability with your preferred page builders, contacts forms, short codes, languages and presentation plug-ins. Every topic has been optimised for simple translations and comes with . pots of languages file.

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