Where to get Blogger Templates

How to get Blogger templates

The Blogger himself offers a selection of free blog templates, which he presents seconds after the first login. Modify your blog using gadgets. Blogs is a great free service from Google that lets you set up your own professional-looking blog online.

Find free Blogger Templates

As well as acting as a point of sale for your company's latest events and promotional campaigns, your weblog keeps feeding new catchwords to keyword searching sites, optimizing your web travel. Google's free Blogger services allow you to build your own private and commercial weblogs without programming or web designing skills using templates.

Once you've signed up for Blogger, you won't have a problem locating these templates. The Blogger himself provides a choice of free templates that he presents seconds after the first login. Once you've signed in to Blogger with your company's Google account, click the New Blog icon to open a new screen.

You can enter a web page URL and a web page name in this area. Blogger provides seven fundamental templates such as the " Easy ", " Ethernet " and " Picture Windows ". "Once you've created your own blogs, select the Submit item from the drop-down list to select from various custom templates in these styled catagories.

From 2013, Blogger will offer more than 30 ready-made templates to select from. Use the Blogger Website Designer templates if you want to use one of Blogger's free templates and optimize the look and feel, but don't know how to code. You can use this utility to customise the look of a style sheet using a point-and-click simplicity.

In order to start the Designer, move the mouse over a pattern and click on "Customize". "You can use the Style Designer to select a customized wallpaper colour or picture, use colour schemes, change your blogs look and feel, and change the width of your column. When you don't like Blogger's built-in templates, many busy web developers and developers provide free templates for your Blogger page.

Web pages such as BT Templates and Deluxe Templates include free downloads of hundreds of custom templates. Those Web pages provide browseable database and organise templates by styles, number of rows, colour and other characteristics. Every website also contains instructions on how to install the templates. When you use one of these free templates, review the permissions set by the author of the templates to ensure that it can be used safely for commercial use.

Besides template support, Blogger also allows you to edit using HTML and CSS as well. In contrast to templates, user-defined weblog authoring gives you a completely different and usually more sophisticated look. Obviously, commissioning a pro weblogger to encode your weblog for you is costly -- dependant on the web site, the 2013 price ranges from about $450 to $4,000 for the first facility, and web site developers are charging extra for regular upkeep.

Sometimes these designer can make a customized pattern for you, with which you can work on the pattern after the first set-up arbitrarily. Dan's varied career backgrounds range from dress designing and script writing to mixing, craftsmanship and advertising for the videogame world. "How do I find free Blogger templates?

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