Where to Sell Wordpress Themes

How to sell Wordpress themes

This website generates very high traffic, which you can use if you want to sell WordPress topics on this marketplace. WordPress Themeforest is probably the only WordPress Theme Marketplace you already know. Sell WordPress Topics Today - An Interviews with Pixelgrade

WordPress is still a strongly developed topic area. We have already illuminated some of them in the past such as Press75 and Macho Themes. It is a Romanian enterprise established by two Romanian friars who moved from freelance to WordPress development. They made quite an impression over the years with their focus on delivering superior products and providing client service.

A further factor was that in 2016 they raised the price of some of their themes on ThemeForest by almost 300% (but they had good grounds for doing so). Meanwhile, Pixelgrade has continued to build its independent store and has a strong sales group. That' s enough for us to meet with Vlad Olaru, one of the company's founding members, to discuss how to build a WordPress themed deal in today's markets, what our core beliefs are, how to build an excellent sales force, and how to set WordPress price.

Where did you get WordPress? In our freelance period, my trip to WordPress began with customer inquiries to adapt WordPress pages. Among other things, it was a CMS that was used by the locals and we had to get used to it. However, over the years WordPress has grown on me as I have really come to appreciate the might of the fellowship behind it.

What did you start with? Pixel degrees began as a naturally occurring move for me and my sibling after our freelance years.

We have done everything from small business pages with customized CMS built on old CodeIgniter releases, WordPress pages of various size, Magento shop, to fully customized web applications (some quite large). If you want to protect your playing area, you have to make compromises from now on. What makes you different from other thematic boutiques?

Well, I know that may sound like a lack of modesty, but what makes us different are the humans and the group. However, from an objective point of view, we believe that our persistent emphasis on designing and implementing are the key drivers that give us an advantage. Which are the key metrics that drive your decision making?

They are our three key beliefs that guide our choices about our people, our clients and the community to which we belong. That is due to prevailing economic circumstances and a newly gained degree of focusing and serenity. At the same we are working on a plan of subscriptions in our store and at the same creating the necessary technology for the further use.

What I see is that you sell both themes on ThemeForest and on your own website. These are not, however, the same issues. With ThemeForest we have begun to concentrate more on our own store lately. And we are also a premier WordPress.com content publisher. In addition, we have an exclusivity arrangement for ThemeForest, so we cannot sell these themes elsewhere.

Where did you get this idea? It is ( at last ) important for the thematic markets to move to a subscriber scheme. It follows the plug-in industry, where season tickets are quite the rule. For us, renewals are a better offer in unpredictability and agility, and for our clients a better offer in continuous maintenance and updating.

You' ll enjoy lower up-front cost and easy entry to a burgeoning library of our best WordPress themes, designed for your industry and needs. In addition, users can begin the trip with a 14-day free evaluation and a robust on-boarding experience that helps them accelerate and even get started creating their website.

It is our firm belief that this approach is much more in line with the realities of development, maintenance and support of our clients' applications. Which are your most important sales tools to win your clients? We began without any special emphasis in this area and have developed further in recent years. In the past, we relied on the market places to do our jobs and place our product in front of people.

Our current strategy is to build strong customer relationships through rigorous and ongoing communications in line with our own brands. But we have always developed long-term strategic relationships with our clients, not just a few steps of expansion over night. What do you want me to do?! In the six years that we have begun this whole venture, there have been innumerable lectures.

A few for me as a person, others as co-founders and leaders and again others for us as a company and as a group. Keeping a strong health workforce growing and strong requires continuous efforts, attentiveness and resolve. And the third thing I'm still working on and studying is the importance of conflicts and how much they really need help, even if they don't have it.

I was dazzled by my safe co-founder development bladder for a long period of my life and didn't give it much heed. Talking to men, trying to help them, offering them my counsel, all in good faith. What was that? I' d make sure I had enough intellectual freedom to concentrate on the group.

I' d get guys on that boat who know things better than I do. Furthermore, I would like to clarify our approach to value and work process sooner than we do. Describe us your ideal topic. For me, it's actually quite simple: the ideal topic is the one that resolves genuine online issues for our clients and assists their projects every single way to ensure a smooth completion.

Ultimately, it's not about designing or coding, but about really empowering individuals to achieve tangible results. Something you can't see in WordPress themes anymore? Can' t bear (and never have) multi-purpose issues. There I said it And also the pooling of the Premium plug-in in themes - very mistaken for so many causes, but that's another tale.

And who are the other topic writers you adore and why? Topic Foundry, Elmastudio, Themes Kingdom, Flothemes, to name but a few. What do you think about the way WordPress goes? The WordPress goes in the way we hoped, less in the developer and more in the person.

They can also be expected to see our themes on other sites that match our core beliefs, such as Shopify. Obviously there will be a surprise, but one thing is certain: we will do our best to help individuals resolve their issues through good looks. Setting up a WordPress store is different than freelancers (like anyone who's done the coating will tell you).

Developing product, forming a group and exploring the corporate landscape while maintaining your core beliefs is not an effortless task. So if you want to do similar things (or inspire your own business), here is a brief summary: We would like to take this opportunity to thank Vlad for taking the opportunity to speak with us and be so open to everything.

Hopefully you have learnt a barrel for yourself or have got an interesting insight into the inner life of a topic company.

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