Which Wordpress

What Wordpress

WorldPress. org aka "the real WordPress", is the popular website platform from which you've heard all the great things. Undoubtedly, the main difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org is the hosting - more precisely, the way your website is hosted.

Which are they and which is better?

Come or org? What WordPress is right for me?

Two WordPresses are available. Matt Mullenweg hinted that he would never call something like this again. It is almost as bewildering as pages vs. contributions, which is an entirely different contribution. WordPress.org - The repository of the softwares that you can downloaded and installed your own WordPress blogs on your own servers.

WordPress.com - The often free blogging program that anyone can subscribe to and host from WordPress.com. It' like Blogger or LiveJournal, just better because it's WordPress. So, which is better? .com or .org? Usually I tell them that I can't give an explanation or just try toogle them, or I ask them what they want to do.

It' not an easy thing to say, but I'll try to do it here. First of all, I would like to point out that it is not a disgrace if you do not want to have your own blogs hosted. When all you want is a blogs and you don't care about some fundamental topics? You use WordPress.com. Recently a boyfriend asked me if she should use Wordpress.com or Self Host.

When you think "I want something like Ning" or "And I want forums" or a forum or whatever, don't use .com. What if you just want a blogs? Simply use WordPress.com and you're done. Normally when WordPress.org users ask this questions, I tell them to tell Don Campbell's review "WordPress.org vs. WordPress.com - Which One Should I Use?

Lately, folks have been taking this council with "okay, great." Even folks who are reading the WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org articles from WordPress ask that. WordPress.com will limit your free topics. There is a point where you will end up getting as much as you pay for a host ing-plan, and you'll get'less' because you still can't get your own plug-ins or third-party applications installed!

This means that as your blogs grow and become more and more loved, you will have grown out of free web sites. Just hold on, you don't buy WordPress.org! Complimentary assistance, sure, but from folks who fill our spare hours. Much of my life is spent trying to help those with apparent questions, pointing out mistakes and making money from making money by trying to be a good human being.

It' s a common feeling among many who feel justified that this piece of code should do anything without knowing what's going on. A few folks go a whole day without tapping a macro, while others can't understand their lives without keystrokes that change the size of a section and re-format it. There is no such thing as a perfectly functioning OS, no such thing as blogs, no such thing as a telephone.

Why should I choose WordPress.org via WordPress.com? WordPress, my blogs, is a small part of that. WordPress.com via WordPress.org Why should I choose WordPress.com via WordPress.org? However, I sometimes suggest it to men when I look at their needs and say, "You know, this is a great beginning.

As they grow out of . com, they can easily convert their contributions and commentaries into a self-hosted installation. What's better? Nobody can give you an answer, but hopefully some of the suggestions here will get you to give it to yourself.

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