Which Wordpress Template is being used

What Wordpress template is used?

When yes, the website was built on WordPress! Recognize the used WordPress template files It is a convenient feature I use from period to period when I debug my blog, it prints the name of the template filename used to view the actual page. Don't neglect to annotate or even erase the feature before you go online, otherwise you'll give your website users some pretty futile information.

Simply add the following to your functions.php file: add_action('wp_head','show_template'); globally $template; print_r($template); The Reveal Template plug-in has the same functionality, but is packed as a plug-in. Maybe you should try this if you don't want to add something to your functions.php files.

What WordPress template is used to display this page?

Debugging WordPress can sometimes be baffling for the developer to identify the precise template data that will be used to display a particular page in WordPress. globally $last_template_snoop; final template Part: {$last_template_snoop} \n\n\n"; $last_template_snoop = $tpl; The above sample shows you which sample filename is used to display a page by attaching an online annotation to the page you' re browsing in a web-browser source to add to the page you are browsing.

In order to see which template files are opened, just go to a page and look at the sources. This means that you can display the sourcecode using the key combination Ctrl+U (Windows, Linux) or Command + U (Mac).

To find out which Wordpress template is used on a page

Quickly find out which template is used in your WordPress topic without going through each template automatically. WorldPress uses a template tree that is built in a hierarchical order of importance, if you're not there, you fall back on the next one in the queue. To quickly see which template you are using in a post/page or other kind, you can include a feature in your functions.php files in the topic that displays the location and template name at the bottom of each page.

add_action ('admin_bar_menu','show_template'); globale $template; print_r($template); Once the feature has been added and you are still registered as administrator, look at a page in the frontend and down scrolling to the bottom of the page, the used template pathname will be displayed at the bottom of the page - this is only available to registered administrators via the dashboard.

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