Which Wordpress Theme is this

What Wordpress theme is this?

WorldPress Theme Detector is the perfect free online tool to find out. or "Is this page Wordpress" or "How to recognize which Wordpress theme this page uses". It is a very lively topic that many people in the Wordpress industry are interested in. We have a few ways to recognize Wordpress themes and plugins.

Best 6 WordPress topic detection systems reviewed and benchmarked

Did you ever find a WordPress page with a theme that you so much like that you want it for your own page? Ton of great topics can serve as inspirations. And luckily, if you ever want to know which theme a WordPress site is on, one of these WordPress theme detection tools can help.

You' re great if you're a WordPress fan and want to find out new things about your favourite CMS. Alternatively, you may want to show yourself or someone else that you got the subject right. Whatever your reason, the reality is that you can find out the mystery behind the look of a particular website by using fantastic WordPress theme detection even if you don't know any coding.

That' s why today we present five different search engines that allow you to search under the cover of a WordPress page and see the topics and plug-ins below. The majority of these topic detection devices are on-line utilities that you can use directly from your chosen web browsers. Prior to discussing each individual instrument, we made a brief comparative analysis that shows how many topics were revealed by the detector in our listing.

These are the pages we used as experimental rabbits for this experimental project, and the WordPress topics they actually use: That'?s how the detector worked: What makes it really awesome is that many of these theme detector go beyond WordPress topics and deliver some other useful information. Was Theme is a great on-line design utility that not only recognizes the design of a WordPress site, but also shows beautiful design detail such as the primary UL R, writer, release and licence it has, tagged for its intended use, and a descriptive text.

Aside from WordPress, you can also use it for Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, Shopify, Ghost, Tumblr, Magento and Big Cartel. The interesting thing about this utility is that it instantly detects a user-defined design and provides you with the name of the writer or agent who created it. If you want to find out whether a website uses WordPress or not, you can also use What Theme.

It is a similar on-line utility to determine which WordPress theme a particular website is using. Was WordPress Theme Is That will recognize not only the primary theme, but also the superordinate one (if any). You can also go beyond topics and present a listing of widgets used by this particular site.

In contrast to WhatTheme, this is only for WordPress, so it does not recognize topics created for other plattforms. The WPSniffer is a chest expansion that lets you know what theme a WordPress site uses. There is no detail about the topic or the writer, it just refers to a Google results page where you can find all the pages that link to the topic.

Pages are created according to this specific word style "x wordpress theme" (where x is the name of the topic). It' simple to use, just click on the installation pushbutton and a grey symbol will appear in the top of your webcam. This symbol turns automaticly amber when it recognizes a WordPress theme.

It' a very awesome theme detection device, not only because it has a user-friendly surface, but also because it represents the recognized theme that way. It' s on-line, so you only need to type in the website address of the website you are interested in. In order to show the found topic, WordPress Theme Detector offers beautiful excerpt areas that provide useful detail about the creator.

Exactly what does this utility deliver? Descriptions of the topic, the day, the licence, a large selection of statistical information about the vendor, extra information about the site you were looking for and a listing of plug-ins that the utility could recognize on the site. And as an added benefit, the utility also recognizes subordinate topics.

Another web-based utility, developed to recognize the theme and plug-ins used by a WordPress site, ScansWP is a powerful search engine that allows you to search and find the content of a WordPress site. There is no extra information about the topic, only its name, address, authorship, and sometimes even the prize. It is probably the most minimalistic of the instruments we are discussing here.

Only the main results are provided: the name of a topic, its writer, its name, its presentation, its versions and the shortcut to the topic's website. This also indicates whether a sub theme is used and issues certain errors if the website you are scanning uses a fully customized theme or does not use WordPress at all.

It even works on sites that use CSS miniification plug-ins such as BWP Minify, which skew the theme's style sheets. WordPress Theme Detector was the most efficient of the tools we found. Besides recognizing all topics, it provides a range of useful information about the article you are looking for, as well as a few plug-ins that are running on the site.

You can also see the differences between a subordinate topic and the superior topic. Which topic is a great option by providing accurate responses for each website, but it can't find out if a topic is a sub topic or not. And last but not least, ScreenWP knows its way around and offers you a beautiful listing of the topic and a restricted number of plug-ins that a website uses.

This is what I call the "developer method" because this is how web sites are examined by them. It' like copy and past for them. You don't need any tool this times, just go to a website, right click on the page and choose Show Page Source. The name of the topic can be found in every line that contains exactly this particular expression.

It is the easiest one, but it does not always work. Each website usually contains footnotes that mention the site and (sometimes) the topic it uses. That'?s what it is! We' d be happy to know your preferred way to recognize a WordPress topic. If you know other great things beyond these WordPress theme detection tools, please do not hesitate to contact us in the comment area.

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