Which Wordpress Theme is this site using

What Wordpress theme is this page that uses this page?

To find this file, the easiest way is to search** for the term "style.css". That' s a question we ask very often in the WordPress community. Beautiful, modern and appealing WordPress business theme. Websites that use the purpose theme.

Create wonderful websites with multiple features specified in the theme.

Beautiful 14 agency websites created with the Uncode WordPress theme.

Winning new customers as an agent can be difficult. The best way to get ahead of the crowd is to have a website that shows everyone that your business is the right one. This is where Uncode comes in. WordPress Theme, our flag ship WordPress theme, allows you to build contemporary and pro-quality websites with a mix of pre-built items and sophisticated, easy-to-use functions.

In a little bit of your own hands, you can create a website that competes with any other commercial website designer. We will discuss in this paper what makes WordPress and Uncode the ideal solution for your web-site. WorldPress is known for its simplicity, but what you may not know is that the site works just as well for those with sophisticated requirements.

Take a look at our web sites, for example. WordPress allows you to design these items on any arbitrary plattform, but its design system can help you saving a great deal of your work. Topics allow you to shorten the amount of effort required to make a professionally designed website, as they usually contain many useful built-in items.

In this regard, Uncode distinguishes itself. The main feature of our products is a so-called multifunctional theme that allows you to create almost any kind of website you want. Concerning the agents, Uncode does support all the important functions we have just talked about. Together with reducing the amount of effort it will take to create a state-of-the-art website for an advertising company, using a theme like Uncode means you may not have to employ anyone to do the work for you.

The only thing you have to do is buy the topic and spent some quality writing the doc. There is a certain amount of uncode that can be learned, but if you have WordPress expertise, you will learn it in no time. Rather than devote more of your attention to what Uncode can do for you, we think it's best for you to see it in operation.

Below you will find 14 of our most popular agencies sites created with our theme. There is no need to be Dutch-speaking to see that Brain Communicatie's website looks good. The homepage alone contains all the information you could want from a state-of-the-art website. In this case, the styling is easy but efficient.

The Brain Communicatiae website uses a plain colour chart in light grey and dark grey and the Uncode raster function to present their project side by side. Technically, the website itself is uncomplicated, but still looks classy. The Dispatch website impresses with its strong inscription and the corrosive black-red colouring.

Its full-width slide control blends pictures with videos to attract your eye, and then wraps you up with the text description. There are only a few pages on this site, but an agent doesn't have to overload their clients to make an impression. So long as your website looks good and your brand image is powerful - as in this example - a basic look can help your brand.

One might think that an advertising company needs more than a page to persuade new customers to go on board, but Teenfold Kreativive is begging differently. When you are finished registering with the agent, you can easily get in touch with a member from anywhere on the site by simply klicking on an item on the right.

We are big supporters of this concept for our online form, because it is easier for our customers to get in direct communication with you. One of the website's major attractions is its project section, which shows tens of previous Uncode grids based job listings (which is a favorite option, as you may have noticed).

However, our favourite characteristic is the services page of our company which describes everything it can do for its clients with easy listings. Optically, this page is not a speciality, but it manages to convey a large amount of information in brief segments. It also makes good use of Uncode's symbol box function.

The Hero Collective shows one of the most minimalist styles in our rounddup, but that doesn't mean it looks boring. Uncode's special feature is that this special agent uses the benefits of Uncode's blogs module to provide their clients with the latest messages, which is always an intelligent way to do business. When you want to include a blogsite on your own website, learn how Hero Collective formatted its contributions.

His website could probably use a few more paint splatters, but it still has an outstanding look. TYPROPHY is an integral part of any website, and Jump recognizes this fact. Font is swapped from period to period throughout the site so that the most important items can distinguish themselves. Also, it makes outstanding use of contrasts to improve legibility, which is an intelligent ploy that is simple to use.

There is also a page for excellent members of the teams that uses the built-in Uncode engine to run it. Sometimes it can be a good way to tell prospective clients a little more about you and your staff to recruit them, so make sure you include this kind of section on your agent's website.

Infographic. ly has some reputable clients, among them TED and MasterCard, so you can be sure that they know what they are doing. There is a black-and-white pattern with colour spray coming towards you and making you particularly aware of the areas underlined. For this reason, the company has chosen to consolidate its teams and services pages into a central area so that clients receive all the information they need in a unique edition.

It' s definitely a good idea to consider this for your own website. In addition, the website's toolbars provide a great example of how you can show your clients how your agent can profit in many ways. GB Love is one of the easiest and at the same time most colourful agencies we have seen so far (which makes good business considering the name).

Each individual product presented on its own raster uses the colour in an outstanding way. Also, the menus - which use the Uncode superimposition function - are extremely colourful. But in this case it fits well with the overall Rgb Love look. Since this is the first article your users will see, it is important that you make the most of the available amount of available room (without overloading it).

It all looks beautifully processed, from the agency's tagline to the various website components, and the website uses Uncode very well. On the Services page, for example, there are tab pages that allow you to present a lot of information without taking up too much workspace. The Illusio is also the first company on this mailing to use a web based instant messaging function, which is an great way to get in touch with prospective clients at any given moment (if you're sure you can respond quickly).

Up to now we have worked with many web designing companies, so give us a minute to concentrate on a website that is rather old-fashioned. Exactly what its name promises, and its work looks unbelievably classy - just like its website. It is a combo that looks classy and professionally.

The site also implemented the Uncode asychronous image adaption function to enhance load time. Power is crucial no matter what kind of website you create, so do well to test this function. Logotypo is all about logo, as you can see from the name. On first sight the website seems to share many properties with our last item - it also has a full width headers with a translucent menue, although it uses videos instead of using para-lax backgrounds.

There are two things about this website that are particularly close to our hearts. Firstly, it allows you to switch between the different parts of a page by means of a side point meal, and it contains some base rates for the agency's work. Obviously this site has a great deal of information in it, such as who they are, what they do, a small profile, a small selection of content, a few tips and more.

It works because some folks will just checkout your homepage, so it makes good business to add as much detail as possible there. In terms of styling, VeeberMedia uses a calming blue-white pallet with a powerful, easy-to-read typeface. It looks very basic, but it has a lot of love for detail and is very user-friendly, which is the trademark of a great designer.

At Tall Concepts we are a designer company with a remarkably easy website. In this way, demanding clients can get directly involved and find out what distinguishes the agencies and what they can achieve. Continue on to the Tall Concepts homepage, which makes great use of Uncode's symbol box to present its strategic, conceptual and technical pages.

Rather than just adding a few basic symbols, they have created a very beautiful effect by using contrast background and textcolor. It' a way of revitalizing your website without using complicated JavaScript or JavaScript. Not least, the website of OctoberNet is an outstanding example of how you can let your work lead the conversation as an agent.

When you are engaged in the designing community, there is a good chance that most of your guests will want to try your work immediately, rather than read piles of text. In order to be honest, the company offers detailled information pages on each project in its range. On the homepage, however, the aim is to present the agency's best work with the help of Uncode's grids function.

A brickwork plan has been chosen in this case, with which you can accentuate parts of your portfolios by displaying the pictures on a raster in different heights. It' a very common look these times, and you can deploy it with uncode by using companion title or just your own stock pic.

Today, the website of your advertising company is crucial for customer acquisition. Your website will look and feel good, even if you are not working in a technology related area, your website will be expected by your audience to look and feel professionally. The use of WordPress and Uncode is not the only way to set up a website for your advertising company, but it is a great combo.

Have another look back at Infographic. ly and Dispatch for example - both locations look fantastic, and you'd be amazed how easy this effect can be made. If you have a question about how Uncode can help you create a website for your agent, please contact us.

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