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You can choose a topic that is oriented towards a specific niche. It' s time today to finally get an answer, it' s time: How do you find out which WordPress theme a target website is using? 8 WordPress Plugin Checkers from 2018 (including Topic Detectors)

Which topic and which plug-in does this site use? That' s a very common ask in the WordPress comunity. We stumble across other web pages with dynamically functional, nice designs and things we want to do on our own pages. However, you don't have to be very technically minded to use the same features that someone else has on their WordPress page.

Indeed, WordPress plug-in testers make it possible for you to see exactly which plug-ins another website uses so you can deploy the same. Or, you can use a topic locator to identify the topics used. If you can figure it out in a few seconds, why research for endless time to find out which plug-in uses a different WordPress page?

You' re better off using a WordPress plug-in and theme checking tool to make things faster. But before you can use a WordPress plug-in and a theme finder to see what a website is using, you need to find out if that website is even based on WordPress. Attempt to type the web site address. com/wp-admin to see if it will take you to a WordPress sign-in page.

When yes, the website was based on WordPress! However, the site master may have shifted the sign-in page to a different location, so this may not always be proven or disproved as to whether a site was created with WordPress. When it occurs in the entire sourcecode, the website was definitely based on WordPress. There should appear many occasions in the sources of any WordPress page, so 156 instance means we are speaking about WordPress.

As soon as you have noticed that a website has been created with WordPress, it's your turn to find out exactly what topics and plug-ins you are using with a website plug-in detection! The sturdy lists of theme and WordPress plug-in detection tools should shed some lights on how your favorite WP pages work. They can' t get every theme and plug-in from every utility, so use a few or all of them to get a complete listing of all the things used on a particular website.

Checked for: Topics and plug-ins. WP Theme and plugins Detector Chrome extension can be the easy-to-use Theme and plug-in detectors in this whole listing. This is because it is a chromed enhancement that recognizes the design and plug-ins used on a WordPress site and displays reliable information about them. Plug-in recognition takes place on a distant web site and transmits the results to your web page.

Since you can click on the WordPress page chroma when surfing, there is no need to copy and paste a website address and run the find operation. When you are a WordPress site visitor, this is an indispensable add-on that lets you see in seconds which plug-ins or topics a WordPress site uses.

Tests only: plug-ins. The WordPress Plugin Checker is a powerful and easy way to find important WordPress plug-in files that have been created for WordPress sites. The WP Plugin Checker has its limits. The only way it can tell you whether plug-ins are currently present on a website is if they were created by Earth People or if they are included in the 50 most common plug-ins in the WordPress directories.

In case a plug-in is not in the Top 50 or was not made by Earth People, this utility cannot help you. However, if you are looking for some of the most popular plug-ins that have been added to WordPress pages, this utility will give you all the information you need. Check only: Topics. The Satori Studio people developed another special theme recognition utility.

It' just WordPress Theme Detector. It shows only the most important information: name, writer, brief information, release and the offical homepage of the topic you' re scanning. This is because if a individual wants to find out which WP theme is used by a particular website, they most likely want to know (and possibly buy) the theme used by that website.

In this way, the detector offers the user exactly what he wants to know - the most important topic information as well as a shortcut to the homepage of the superordinate topic. However, this utility maintains that it works with heavily biased cases, such as sites that use the CSS mini plugin, which removes most of the topic information from the sources.

If a website uses a heavily modified design, cannot be viewed, or does not use WordPress at all, the detector issues a corresponding alert informing the reader of the problem's nature. In addition, the utility makes the searching particularly simple. It is possible to bypass the addition of the "http://" or "https://" bits to the URL scans - the utility will append it when omitted.

Checked for: Topics and plug-ins. AKA WPTD, WP Theme Detector allows you to see what kind of plug-in and theme a particular WordPress page uses. When you think that a website that you adore uses WordPress, all you have to do is type its address and click the Buttons.

It analyzes the links for you and shows which topics and plug-ins the website uses. Not only will it tell you what topics a website uses, but it will also tell you where that topic was bought so you can find it easy. It should work not only with conventional topics, but also with WordPress topics by drag-and-drop.

When it comes to plug-ins, you can find out which plug-ins are used on the site, where you can get them, how much they are loved and if there is a free upgrade that you can buy. Checked for: Topics and plug-ins. The Scan WP is a high-quality WordPress theme detection system. This means that this utility can recognize most plug-ins and designs used on a particular WordPress site.

Simply type in the WordPress page address and you're done. In addition, WordPress pages are a great source of information for ScanWP: It should give you most of what you need to do a website analytics on WordPress web pages that don't belong to you, and give you the features you really like on other webpages.

Checked for: Topics and plug-ins. Known as What WordPress Theme Is That (WWPTIT), this is a free on-line utility that allows you to see what topic a WordPress page uses (including children's and parents' topics). In order to take things a little further, it also recognizes which WordPress plug-ins are used.

Checked for: Topics and plug-ins. WerisWP is another excellent recognition utility that will help you find out which WordPress theme a WordPress page uses. You can try a fast verification by just dragging and dropping the WordPress website address into the whole WordPress web area. Reviews only: Topics.

The SoftwareFindr theme detector is a free on-line utility that allows you to quickly see if a website is running WordPress or not. In addition to this information, the utility also lets you see who the topic's creator is, the topic's name, topic descriptions, versions, handy tagging, and more.

If you use this utility, the most important information is linked so that you can find a similar theme to the one you selected. Sofwarefindr theme detectors is fast and simple to use, just copy and paste your website address, analyse it and add it to your website list and make your own voice mail! WordPress is a powerful web press utility for anyone who wants to find out if WordPress supports a website.

Somebody who wants to reveal the topic using his favourite page. Connectable theme tag that points you in the right directions to find the alternate. Fast and easy retrieval of the top topics suggested by genuine end-consumers. These extensive WordPress plug-in checker and theme detector listings should provide you with all the tools you need to find out which theme and plug-in you are using for your preferred WordPress pages.

Now, you never have to guesswork which annotating plug-in, back-up and recovery plug-in, reservation plug-in, audio plug-in, compilation plug-in, lightbox plug-in, exiting intention pop-up plug-in or bullet listing plug-in another website uses. Take a chance on some of these utilities and create your WordPress page without spending countless minutes doing extensive research or creating a new plug-in from the ground up.

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