Who do I look like App Android

Whom do I look like like App Android?

Would you like to look like a Hollywood star, a famous sportsman, a politician or a celebrity? Do you want to have a celebrity facial print? The Google App finds famous works of art as they look. This app is available for iPhone or Android. Google Arts &

Culture App is a free download for iOS and Android.

you get Celeb Face

Would you like to look like a Hollywood actor, a Hollywood athlete, a political figure or a personality? You want to have a face print from a celeb? With LikeStar with more than 200+ free Promi-Photofilters your wish will be fulfilled! Just obey the simple instructions to get a face of a prominent celebrity: Soon you will see a great score on your face!

Would you like to amaze your buddies with your new "celebrity" look and have a lot of fun with them? It is possible to send the results of the photos via any software and save them in the album. There is also a zooming feature that lets you differentiate a photofilter effect. You can enjoy LikeStar and radiate like a star!

Looking similar

You ever wonder what you look like? Check out our Face Detection app and compare how you look. There is a large selection of prominent faces to suit your expression. We' ve developed an algorithms that calculates how near you look to people. Hint: This app searches for the closest matching face, except for the "Funny" section, which searches for a shuffleshot.

Comparisons the face characteristic with the color of the epidermis. Add more images and country names and we will update them regularly.


Online conversation and walk-in movies with your friend or group of your choice. Simply touch a pushbutton to broadcast live-look videomessages to your conversations and groups. Stream your own personal movies and talk to groups of any age. Touch the Tee to enter your look. Wipe to give your look stunning filter or paint on your look.

Ad sub-groups to your bustling chat. Quickly react to news or looks with an emailji. Mutes certain chat or groups. Seems less than half the date of a videocall is being used. Send text messaging to anyone without an app via dedicated Look SMS.

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