Who is Wordpress

Who' s Wordpress?

Often referred to as self-hosted WordPress. An entirely custom WordPress project can include these steps: WordPress - what is it? WordPress - what is it? WordPress (WP) is what you want in one phrase! WorldPress is a publication plattform that makes it simple for you to build a website where you can post your contents on the web.

WordPress is therefore a blogs app, a CMS (Content Management System) and web publication tool that runs tens of thousands of websites around the globe.

The WordPress program is built on PHP (server-side scripts language) and MySQL (database language). Everybody can modify and build it, because it is an open code program and licensed under the GPL v2 (General Public License). WordPress makes everything possible - from conventional blogging to newspapers, online magazines, TV channels, nations and community websites!

WordPress supports top-of-the-range news businesses and Web sites such as CNN, Forbes, Time, The New York Times. WordPress offers almost unlimited options! It is the most beloved publication site for web sites. 30 per cent on the web with WordPress. This means that more than one in four sites is based on WordPress and is growing every time!

There are two versions of WordPress - WordPress.com and WordPress.org. They both run the same program - WordPress & both have almost the same features. WordPress.com is a cloud-based utility that executes WordPress. You can create your own free blogs or website here without having to bother with web server, updating and safety.

WordPress.org is the website from which you can start downloading WordPress - the app. It can be installed on any default workstation. In general, four big fixes come in a year for WordPress use. A lot of important participants are committed to these upgrades. Everyone can add to WordPress and everyone can make it more dependable.

A statistic shows that 63% of WordPress cores are not busy. Matt Mullenweg's girlfriend Christine Selleck Tremoulet proposed the name WordPress - the name we as CMS like. The WordPress was first developed in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. Matt started WordPress.org in April 2003 to host the WordPress app, which included supporting fora, diagrammatic documentations, and a developer blogs.

WordPress.com as well as WordPress.org are managed by our software provider Software Group. Automtic is the mother of WordPress.com and several others. The first WordPress 0.7 release was published on 27 May 2003. It is currently used on more than 25% of the world' s web sites. Mullenweg aims for 50%+ openly as the target for Automobile.

With increasing percentages, it becomes more and more difficult to increase our overall audience and we need to increase our audience by doing things we haven't done in the past - really think about the on-boarding processes, really think about integrating with community networking and how WordPress works on personal computers, which will be the dominant computer platforms of the time.

Mullenweg Matt : WordPress Co-Founder & C.E.O. 1. It' s suited for all kinds of websites - WordPress began as a mere blogsite, but has since developed into a complete web site CMS. WordPress lets you simply build a blog, personal website, business website, e-commerce website, yellow pages, question and answer site, religious portfolio, online community.

For this reason, leading enterprises use WordPress. It' simply to use - WordPress has a user friendly user surface that is easily learned regardless of your degree of sophistication. Familiar with text processing or other computer applications, you will probably be able to use WordPress and its various functions to build your website.

WorldPress is very novice and has allowed billions of non-technical fans to successfully launch their own sites. As soon as you edit a contribution or a page, it's as straightforward as using a text editor. It' s audio and portable - The WordPress source text is very neat and straightforward, making it easier for web searching companies to easily view and index the contents of a website.

With 80-90% of SEO mechanisms in place to make sure your site is crafted, Google likes WordPress, which gives you a competitive edge when it comes to differentiating yourself from your competition. Based on the technologies required by today's portable consumer electronics, WordPress's content repository includes thousands of free WordPress content topics that are fully reactive and up and running, so when users come to your site with a smart phone or tray, your site is scaled according to the visitor's equipment.

It' protected and protected - WordPress was designed with safety in mind, so it' s pretty much save and sound to operate any website. The WordPress system refreshes the safety care automatic. Since WordPress is becoming more and more widespread, it will become more and more accessible to the hacker. However, the WordPress creators are conscious of the hacker and the nature of the things they are trying to do, so they are teaming up with safety investigators and hosters to work on making WordPress as Safe as possible.

Many web applications are available to administer contents and to expand functions like Drupal, Joomla etc.. WordPress is the most beloved, searching machine and easiest to use tool.

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