Who Owns a Domain Godaddy

Whose domain is Godaddy?

To find out who owns a domain name ICANN (International Corporation for Assigned Numbers and Names) is the organisation that empowers the registrar to allocate domain name(...) or to the general public. The International Corporation for Assigned Numbers and Numbers (ICANN) is the organisation that empowers the registrar to allocate domain name (.

..). Registerant is the natural or legal persons who are deemed to hold the domain name and who are entitled to make or apply for changes to important information relating to the domain name.

Therefore it is of crucial importance to know the "owner" of a domain name and also the individual or corporation with domain -related administration, accounting and engineering privileges. What is the importance of identifying a domain name registrant? The determination of a domain name Registrant is important for many reasons: Looking up can check whether the data of your registrants has been correctly input.

When you are interested in submitting an RFP for an already existing domain name, you can simply retrieve your own name, postal and e-mail addresses, and phone number. As you strive to safeguard your personally identifiable information, a reference may help you determine whether the data protection safeguards you have put in place are effective.

How does the domain name details look up look up work? Domain name registrations have been designed in a very translucent way. Everyone has open enrolment to obtain information about the domain owner and property of a domain by simply click on certain informational hyperlinks. You can also use it to keep tabs on the expiration date of domain names and the date the domain name was registered.

"WHOIS " is the service used to verify or find out information about a domain name. Not only the registrant's information is displayed, but also the administrator account, invoice account, tech account, domain expiry date and initial date of register. In order to find the domain name holder information, there are a few very basic and straightforward procedures that you can perform over the Internet:

In order to verify the domain name registrant's information, just go to the website such as http://www.tucowsdomains.com. or web service provider website such as GoDaddy or http://www.tucowsdomains.com. Enter the precise Web site or full domain name of the Web site for which you are looking for information. One or two clicks (you may have to show that you are not a robot) will give you the full registration data.

Check the domain name information. When you find information missing or inaccurate, you can submit a change application to the domain registrar. Well, here is a handy way to illustrate how you can find out who owns a domain name. Attend a look-up session at one of the World Health Organization (WHOIS) look-up services.

They can use or, in our case, and "Enter Domain Name for World-Wois Lookup". com/whois-use-and-information/whois-use-and-information/whoislookup: Whilst the World Health Organization (WHOIS) effectively fulfils the necessary role, it should be noted that the available information may be used for spamming and other uses. In order to solve this issue, there are certain specific utilities that help ensure your private life.

Most domain name registries provide domain name protection to masquerade the domain holder's real information. Our data protection function assists you in displaying third-party information in order to protect your personally identifiable information from public access. Personally identifiable information is gathered by the Registrator and is available only upon your inquiry and subject to certain data protection provisions.

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