Who to Build a website

Whom should create a website?

OK, so before you go down the road of building a website, there is one important area you need to keep in mind: the infamous "LAW of the Developer Triangle. There are 5 ways to create a website OK, so before you take the road of creating a website, there is an important area you need to consider. Notorious: "LAW of the developer delta. "There are 3 areas to build a website: time, costs and quality". Unfortunately you can only use 2 of the 3rd There are 5 different ways to create your own website, Free Builder, Template Websites, WordPress Websites (Blog/Cms), Do-It-Yourself and Professional Webdesign.

Either of these ways has advantages and disadvantages, but the easiest way to make up your mind is to use the developer delta and select which 2 of the 3 elements are most important to you. Perhaps the easiest to use, the Free Website Builders provide the usability (fast and easy), with minimum costs, but not only on build experience..... but also on feature set.

This means that you are very limited to the kind of contents you can publish on the site and what you might like. They are for very simple 1-3 pages web pages. Most of the costs for setting up a website lies in the layout. Also, of course, by using a template website for the layout of your website, you reduce your costs a lot.

This way you get quite good workmanship, and the cost/time is really not so intense....so what's the downside? But the only disadvantage of using templates is that in general you don't have the know-how to adapt it to your needs (which means you either have to teach how to recruit a programmer) and most of them aren't equipped with a CMS (Content Managing System) system that allows you to manage the contents on your website yourself via a back-end managed area.

WordPress is by far the best CMS, but instead of messing with your mind, I'll let you know. If you are going to use Wordpress as your CMS, then you should not. More than 90% of my website is created with Wordpress as CMS (Content Management System).

Our search is for the best ways to find an interfacing (design or appearance) for the WordPress system. There are several different ways within the Wordpress website development environment that have their own small developer paradigm (cost, time, quality). However, overall WordPress sites are without a shadow of a doubt the best center of the street options you can have.

They might look at the developer delta above and ask, "Why would anyone want to create a website this way". Well if you have the spare moment but don't have the cash and you are looking for something you can build yourself, and also have a fairly practical skills development, then you might actually like Do It Yourself Web Design.

YES, I know I am a web design professionals, so it would only be insignificant if I would promote my work. Well if that is how it looks, I apologise, but my intention is only to make you attentive to what has to do with web design professionals, and to help you show what to look for when recruiting a web site builder, as well as what to look for up to the costs (which will quickly put me in such warm water).

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