Who uses Zoho

Who' s using Zoho?

Zoho companies are most often found in the United States and in the computer software industry. When you use Zoho's free plans, the features are often quite simple, as is the case with many free options. And who uses Zoho CRM? How do you like it & what don't you like?

I' ve been using Zoho One for 6 month, with 5 account, and I'm considering switching to another one. Zoho's plus that got me is the very low costs, 35 dollars for many different cartridges. Zoho's biggest disadvantage is the very bad way it integrates different moduls with each other.

There was an instances where a Zoho data base member was blocked from his own bank due to problems with the Zoho data base. Zoho's engineers took a few and a half hour to fix the issue. Some of the moduls (especially books) were not available for some of the customers often, but several of the time, while others had no failure at all.

In my personal wisdom, the backup is bad. Chats must be very crowded, waiters are sometimes quite hectic. Even the engineers of the different module like to hold each other accountable, I was found several times: The responsibilities shift around and in the end nobody is accountable for anything.

My personal experiences have shown that the use of Zoho was very timeconsuming and disappointing.


Zooho uses an open API [8] for its Writer, Sheet, Show, Creator, Meeting and Planner tools. There are also plug-ins for Microsoft Word and Excel, an OpenOffice.org plug-in and a Firefox plug-in. Zoho in October 2009 incorporated some of its apps into the Google Apps suite [10] allowing the user to log in to both suite under one logon.

ZooO and Google continue to operate as distinct, rival businesses.

Testimonials and Accolades - Zoho CRM

"Amazonia India is helping retail stores flourish through Zoho CRM. "According to Worldwide Animation Society, the implementation of Zoho CRM has led to a sharp rise in efficiencies. "Says multinational hydro group sees turnover rising and rising after switch to Zoho CRM." "From Salesforce to Zoho CRM, benchmark efficiencies rise exponentially." "with Zoho CRM."

"Australia Zoo is the leading safety contractor in Australia and operates the whole store on Zoho." "The publisher is transforming its distribution chain with Zoho CRM." Actions Coach uses Zoho CRM to administer and monitor its customer and prospective customer list. Gmail CRM Gmail solution from Zoho for greater efficiencies. The Caller Experience Company uses Zoho CRM to transform customer and device tracking.

CRM Zoho assisted TECO Pneumatic to raise acceptance by 300%. PROTOMICS relies on Zoho to run its own company so that it can concentrate on resolving the world's advanced scientific issues. JusCollege's revenue increased from $1 million to $20 million in just two years by Zoho CRM. People at Pepperstone Financial discover "bull market" growing through e-mail merchandising and integrated with Zoho CRM via Application Programming Interface (API).

From Outlook Express, Comet updates to Zoho CRM to build stronger client relations. CRM Zoho CRM assists CRM companies to easily administer the whole lifecycle of their clients. CRM supports consulting companies in the provision of exemplary service. Zoho makes renewables possible.

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