Why is Squarespace so Slow

What's the slowest place?

The new website is very slow - Reply Hi, sorry, since I know this has been asked before, but since I joined the SS, the rig has been troubled. My website started last night and I almost got an angst attack when it went missing. This is my photograph website www.tanyapalta.com and loading slowly.

Forte uses full frame banner as a model and I know it is medium intense.

But also the slide shows of the homepage don't work right (they don't go to the next picture) and the pages don't get loaded right (projects). Could someone here help me try it out or give me some advice on how to download it more quickly? The SS still fighting yesterday's beetles?

Why do all Squarespace pages load slow lately?

Squarespace I really like and I persuaded a lot of guys to take it over. However, I have tried to download various Squarespace pages lately, as well as the presented demonstration pages. I' ve tried more than 10 different pages. While I know I'm on a quick link, there seems to be a constant slow pace across every website and pages within those websites.

Squarespace's offical website is loading well, it's really fast, www.squarespace.com So why do your clients have to slow down? Wasn' that slow before. Is someone sharing the same experiences?

Web site is too slow in APAC

I use the Alex submission and it is mainly displayed in the Asia-Pacific area. Too slow, although the site is only 1.4 megabytes. I have an online downloading rate of 20 Mbps and I use Google Chrom. Could it be that there is no datacenter in the Asia-Pacific area?

I' m quite sure that Cloudflare only optimizes articles that are operated from your domains. Difficult things, like pictures, are on Squarespace server, so Cloudflare can't buffer or optimize them.

What makes Squarespace site charges so large and slow?

I am looking at a one-page, basic page on my website that contains an illustration and two textpads. Capacity is approx. 750KB. Layout is about 1/3 JavaScript, 1/3 mixture of mini and unmin with a mini compressor showing that it can be 100KB sliced. Last 1/3 is 275KB is Typekit.

When I use a web-safe arial font on my entire website (checked by a brief look at the source), why are Typekit fonts even loading? Literal 1/2 of my side loads is flaky. I' m just an ordinary coder.

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