Why use Genesis Framework

Use Genesis Framework to get started?

Genesis Framework uses child themes that are like skins sitting on the framework to make your website look different. Rather than making changes to the framework itself, all adjustments are made to the subordinate design. Back then, frameworks were the hit - partly because theme developers used them to help them create many themes faster than starting from scratch every time.

Advantages of using Genesis Framework & Why I use it

Looking for the best topics and plug-ins, you may have come across StudioPress and the notorious Genesis Framework. They may not have realized it, but a number of sites used Genesis and this raises the question: Why do they use it? Which advantages does the use of Genesis Framework have on a WordPress page?

So, what's Genesis? Imagine a vehicle - if the motor is WordPress, the color and styling is your subject, then the frame or frame of the Genesis vehicle is. Here are some of the advantages of using the Genesis framework and why it is the basis for any WordPress project.

One of the many things in the minds of the Genesis designers when they were constructing Genesis was definitely having it. There is no substitute for the need to stay on your site, but having a well spelled and neat piece of code that has no scrap to decelerate your site is difficult to find when many topics try to fit the one sized site for all methods.

The Genesis also support Schema.org coding, which allows you to include micro data in the site content and further improve the site searching capabilities. This is something that StudioPress is possessed of having on their website. A lot of sites want to be able to track the website's performance in seconds, but StudioPress measures in milliseconds.

Admittedly, if you have a large number of plugs, large pictures, and heavily inflated topics, then you will still have a slower page, even with Genesis in it. The Genesis and related topics adhere to a rigorous standards recognized by the World Wide Web and the best encoding principles by using HTML5 as the encoding standards.

Since WordPress is the most beloved CMS in the word, it is an simple goal for Hacker. The StudioPress team has called in one of the key WordPress development professionals, Mark Jaquith, to ensure that the Genesis Framework follows the best auditing procedures. Visiting the Topics page, you will see a number of customizable submenus that are Genesis-enabled.

Since it is available via StudioPress, you can rely on its excellent qualities because it is verified by the StudioPress people. The search for "Genesis Childrens Themes" currently returns 347,000 results on Google. No matter if you are fighting with a small footprint or a large company looking for a powerful, well-maintained location, Genesis will offer this to you.

And the fact that you only have to pay about $100 for the framework and a children's topic is incredible value for your investment. You not only get a robust build and a well-designed design, but also limitless technical assistance and upgrades that you can deploy to any number of websites.

For those who are aspiring and want to create a number of sites, you can get all 60 topics (and any upcoming topics they create), the framework, limitless technical assistance and upgrades... all for $499.95. Rugged Framework provides just as rugged a level of protection for anyone who has a Genesis Framework licence.

You are also proud to offer unrestricted customer service to all your clients. Outside of StudioPress you will also find a lot of help via your favourite online channels, from Twitter to Facebook groups. There' even a special #GenesisWP hash tag that will come as well. Unless a plug-in or topic is never upgraded, it will raise doubt as to whether a developer even cares about their own product or has the resource to look after it.

You can be sure that the StudioPress staff is always up to date. If you stay up to date with the latest Genesis release, you'll know that your website will be more effective, it'll be up to date with the latest cores and plug-ins, and it'll increase the safety of your website.

Don't think that your choices are limited with this framework because you still have the ability to customize it to your needs. The Genesis website provides a wide range of functions to make your website exactly the way you want it. When you' re afraid that you can't rescale your organization with the Genesis Framework, think again.

Since you already have the framework, you can create a customized design that fits your website and framework without having to rewrite everything and with a different framework. Recently, StudioPress introduced a new hosting option where you can have your website host through it, have a Genesis framework, and a selection of 21 topics (or use your own).

I' ve always spoken about the importance of WordPress web Hosting, but the fact that you can have that plus the use of all their awesome stuff is almost unthinkable to overlook. Choosing Genesis for this site was a piece of cake for me, and I can't imagine I' ll change that anytime soon... if at all.

It' hard to pick from the wealth of WordPress topics. However, when I refer others, I have a tendency to say the same thing - you will never do anything incorrect if you buy the Genesis Framework and children topics through StudioPress. So if you are looking for a Genesis guidebook for complete novices, StudioPress has put one here.

You a Genesis practitioner? So if you've never used or listened to Genesis before, is there anything else you want to know about? At Ahmed, we help small companies maximize the power of their WordPress pages by increasing their presence on the web, increasing audiences' loyalty and promoting conversion.

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