Wicks free website

Wick free website

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Online planning and design of your new post-frame building in 3-D.

Scribbling your architectural designs on a coctail serviette only gets you so far. Imagining the layouts, the outlines of the buildings from different perspectives and colour schemes will be difficult. You need a way to better visualise and size your post-frame concept so that you can communicate it to your husband, some of your acquaintances or even a client.

There is now a free on-line planning tools for buildings that assists with visualization, planning and layout. Our on-line tools are named DESIGN-IT! Our exclusive aim is to make it easier for practically everyone to sketch and visualise their own buildings. You can bring your post-frame buildings idea to live in just a few simple clicks.

Also the most imaginative individuals begin to imitate or model other notions. 3-D on-line applications follow this principle by allowing you to begin with a prefabricated structure and then adapt it to your needs and wishes. You can, for example, begin with a "standard" construction within the agriculture area.

Adjust it to the desired dimension and use the prefabricated wallpaper layout within the DESIGN-IT! When it comes to a new construction, the engineering and construction work cannot begin too early. For this reason, the system offers you the most beloved outdoor features: surrounds, claddings, doorways, window frames, domes, pitched roofs, verandas and colours.

3-D is the three-dimensional Fly/Walking Around, with which you can see your buildings from above and from each side. "They can even enter the edifice to see exterior characteristics such as door ways and window openings from the inside," says Mr. Wick. If you look at your designs from all sides - and from the inside out - you can complete functions, customise colour schemes and even adapt the pitch of the canopy.

It' s the brainchild of you to create, modify and view your edifice in 3-D from any angles... before you do. If you are satisfied with your designs, then DESIGN-IT is! No matter if you only dream of a few great things, or if you are willing and willing to extend your home store, playroom or shop, DESIGN-IT!

3-D is a practical toolset that lets you develop your own creative vision and make your dream come true.

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