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Picture Widget This is one of the most widely-used and lightest plug-ins for Facebook page feeding, with over 7,70,000 downloaded files and more than 1,00,000 installations. So why should you select Facebook Page Like Widget from the many other widgets? Insert the Facebook app ID from your Facebook app you create (or you can use the standard app ID), insert it into the widget and also the Facebook page address.

Configure items such as Show/Hide Contributions from Timeline, Show/Hide Covers, Show/Hide Profiles Pictures, Show Small Headers, Width Option, Select Languages, User Defined Ass. Quick & useful help. The program provides speed dial numbers, opens your post or page, inserts[fb_widget] into the post or page, saves it. Read the Frequently Asked Questions for additional shorthand selections. Should you have any queries / problems / proposals regarding my plug-in, please contact me at, I will do my best to answer you within 1 workday.

So if you liked my plug-in & our help, please let your rating here so everyone can use it with trust. Use the short code below in Post or Page. When the widget works well in all browser except Mozilla Firefox, you need to click the Preferences on "Use guard against tracing in home window", its Mozilla safety preferences, nothing to do with my plug-in.

From the Facebook Developers user experience, you can build a new Facebook app or modify your current Facebook app. First, you need to sign up for a Facebook Developer affiliate login. I' m not sure how to get the Facebook App ID? So if you're not able to build a Facebook app or you don't know how to do it, don't be worried, you can use my standard app ID 1590918427791514.

I' ve made it for plug-in user and it should work like a spell for you. When it works in one system and not another, there are 2 ways: 1) Antivirus of your computer can stop my widget downloading. Several of my widget customers have had the same problems in the past.

2 ) An advertising extension is already present in your web page, which may cause my plug-in to stop downloading. Just fed widget I found that didn't hung the page AND presented the feedback the way it looks on fed, which is what my customer wanted. I' ve had problems with several other difficult to use Facebook widget plug-ins.

It' s simple to use, with just enough choices to make it simple to customise. Great stuff, great plug-in! Too fast to write a critique without figuring out how good the endorsement for this plug-in is. So I sent a request for help in a ticketing and I got very fast answers and good help.

It'?s a good plug-in. "The Facebook Widget" is open code game. Following persons have added to this plug-in. Some widget defaults have been upgraded. Placeholder added to widget preferences. The Facebook has an outdated voice URL, so a fixed Java script has now been added to help reading voice. You can now quickly enter a single widget in Page or Post.

Change the source to make the plug-in compatible for translation. Remove off-set alert for the drop-down list of languages. Added plug-in to Facebook Graph API v2.3. Old settings like show/hide borders, colour schemes have been deleted. Add Random, Languages and User Defined CCs items to the Shortcut feature. We have added the ability to choose the preferred interface to display your Facebook widget in any of the languages.

Defaults for all required field names have been added while setting up the widget, it will help you.

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