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Homepage - Wikipedia Home page or home page is the home page or home page of a website or web browsers.... Sometimes the home page of a website is also referred to as the home page.

One website can have several homepages, although most have one. Wikipedia for example has a homepage at as well as languagespecific homepages like and

When no home page has been made for a Web site, many Web hosts defaults to displaying a listing of those items in the Web site folder if the folder's credentials allow it. At the dawn of the World Wide Web in the first half of the 90's, an important part of the websites belonged either to pupils or educators with a UNIX bankrolled university.

The system administrator of such a system installs an HTTP host that points its home folder to the user-contacts folder. Under UNIX, the home folder of an user is named "home", and the HOME environmental contains its pathname (e.g. /home/my_username). In general, a private website is also referred to as a homepage, although such web pages may contain many pages.

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