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The backend and the overall design of Wix are essentially functional. Website design for beginners with Wix and Canva That' the tale of how I went from being a WYSIWYG rookie to being someone who could upgrade an affordable website with inexpensive on-line platform. We knew when we founded Informazine that we needed two products things?-?a and a website.

There' only two of us, and we had to waste our programming hours programming our own real products instead of creating a website from the ground up, so we were looking for a fast and simple author.

It provides template and application for all types of web sites, and it's pretty simple to learn how to use the user experience yourself. From the Wix store, the most useful application we found is the POWr.io feed from POWr.io. Allows us to include our own tweet streaming to the page.

We don't use all of Wix's functions like demonstration video, newsletter and unusual time lines, but as the company expands we anticipate creating more compelling contents for the public. Easy and useful, since Wix is used when creating websites, its images are a bit inspiring, so we use Canva to make images.

It is free and offers free good looking artwork and graphic. Canva offers a chargeable "Canva for Work" subscription that includes a trademark kits that you can use to customize your brand's color palette, add your own trademark typefaces, and store your own business logos to help build a complete visual image.

It' s very interesting to think about your trademark not only as a name, but also as a logotype, which may possibly involve different implementation in different on-line and real-world format. One of the main limitations of Wix is that you cannot export your own scripts. Severin Meyer Xolonium is our trademark typeface. The best thing about Canva is that they provide a free design academy with really useful contents.

I hope we will use this knowledge over the years to build a better design aesthetics reflecting our brands. After the site was up and running, we wanted to see what kind of visitor we could get from the blogs and our accounts. In order to earn a second income, we place advertisements from Amazon Associate on our webpage.

And we keep these advertisements exclusively on the blog page so as not to overload the site with tedious page contents, and beyond that, I think such a mess waters down the overall impression of a trademark. There is still a long way to go to develop our website into a clear and appealing image of our trademark, but it is certainly a pleasant and inexpensive business thanks to Wix and Canva.

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