The Wiktionary is a multilingual, web-based project to create a free content dictionary of all words in all languages. The Wiktionary (a portmanteau of "Wiki" and "Dictionary") is a project to create Open Content Dictionaries in any language. sspan class="mw-headline" id="History_and_development">History and Development

The Wiktionary is a multi-lingual, web-based effort to build a free contents glossary of all words in all major tongues.... Its name is a portanteau of the words WIKI and DIY. There are 171 different versions in Simple English and 171 different versions in English. Since Wiktionary is not constrained by printing constraints, most Wiktionary linguistic output provides definition and translation of words from many different tongues, and some output provides extra information typical of dictionaries and dictionaries.

A wiktionary contains a set of thesauruses ( formerly known as Wikisaurus ) of different word names. Wictionary dates are often used in various different functions of working with native speech. "Of the 648,970 defintions that the Wiktionary provides for 501,171 words in England, 217,850 are such "forms of" definition. This means that the cover of British is slightly lower than that of the large unilingual printed glossaries.

For example, the Oxford English Dictionary has 615,000 keywords, while Merriam-Websters Third New International Dictionary of the English Language, Unabridged has 475,000 records (with many extra keywords embedded). In order to guarantee the precision, the English Wiktionär has a guideline which requires that the conditions are confirmed. 8 ] Concepts in important language such as English and Chinese must be checked by: use in continuously narrated mediums that convey significance, in at least three separate bodies extending over at least one year.

Wiktionary has no hand signals. "Wiktionary might have a slogan. What good is it to spend good moneys on a glossary authored by a lexicographer when we could put one together ourselves? The Wiktionary is not as much racist or democrat as it is Maoist. In 2005, PC Magazine ranked Wiktionary among the top 101 websites on the web, although little information was given about the site.

In Wiktionary, the measurement of the accuracy of flexions for a partial set of words in Poland showed that these mathematical values are very reliable. Out of 4748 words in Poland, only 131 have had their flexion dates adjusted. Wiktionary has semi-structured dates. Wictionary lexicographical information can be transformed into a machine-readable form for use in translating native speech.

Wiktional datamining is a complicated process. 1 ) the continuous and common changes in dates and schemes, 2 ) the diversity in the schemes of Wiktionary voice output[o] and 3 ) the human-centric character of a biography. A number of parser are available for different Wiktionary languages: The DBpedia Wiktionary:[18] a DBpedia sub-project, the information is gathered from English, Dutch, English, French Wiktionaires, and English Wiktionaires; the information comprises languages, word types, terms, semantics, and translation.

Java Wiktionary Library (JWKTL):[22] provides English Wiktionary and German Wiktionary mumps via a Java Wiktionary API. Among the dates are languages, word types, meanings, quotes, semantic relationships, e-tymologies and translation. The JWKTL is available for non-commercial use. Wikokit:[24] the parent of English Wiktionary and Russian Wiktionary. Analyzed information contains linguistic, word type, definition, quotes,[p] semiantic relationships and translation.

Wiktionary was used to solve the various problems of handling native language: Creation of a machine-readable ABAP Language Index by the NULEX software package, which incorporates open source languages: Wiktionary, WordNet and VerbNet. NULEX scratches English Wiktionary for strained information (verbs), plurals and vocabulary (nouns). Voice detection and synthesizing, using Wiktionary to automate the creation of voice picking pronounciation series.

Linguistic term pairings were recalled from 6 wiktionären linguistic outputs (Czech, English, French, Spanisch, Polish and German). q ] The ASR system on English Wiktionary has the highest percentage of errors, where every third phone must be modified. The Medero & Ostendorf team evaluated the difficulties of the terminology (reading degree recognition) using Wiktionary information.

Characteristics of words that have been extrapolated from Wiktionary records (definition duration and POS, sensory and translational numbers) were examined. Wiktionary's latest weblink is www.wiktionary.org. Wiktionary Totals of articles are here. The Wiktionary users page will identify those who have received the " bots " state. H? Ng?c ??c ??c, Free Vietnamese Dictionary Project.

See the Vietnamese Wiktionaire for full particulars. Wiktionary talk:Wiktionary Logo, English Wiktionary, Wikimedia Foundation. Meta-Wiki, Wikimedia Foundation. Meta-Wiki, Wikimedia Foundation. For example, see ^ Comparing the input structures and reformatting policies in English Wiktionary and Russian Wiktionary. Quotes are only extract from the Russian Wiktionaire. If there are multiple IPA pronunciations on a Wiktionary page - either for different tongues or for different pronunciations - then the first one has been extract.

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