Windows Browser for Android

Android Windows Browser

That enables a fast surfing in the Internet. You can download Firefox and Firefox Focus for mobile phones and tablets. With the new browser from Microsoft, a new era of web browsing is to be introduced.


Now available on Android, Microsoft Edge offers a single uninterrupted surfing experience for Windows 10 endpoints. Synchronization of contents and dates takes place smoothly in the backgrounds so that the user can scroll on all machines without jumping over a beats. Trusted Microsoft Edge capabilities such as the Hub allow Web browsers to organise the Web in a way that bridges the mess and makes it easy to find, see and organise their contents on the go.

The Microsoft Edge is built for Windows 10 surfers to surf the Internet the way they need it, wherever they are, without interrupting their stream. Move anywhere and start where you stopped by dragging and dropping your contents between your portable and your computer smoothly (requires Windows 10 Fall Creator's Update). Synchronization of data:

Favourites and Read lists are synchronised on your mobile phones, so your browser is always tailored to you, regardless of your mobile phone. A hub view: Find and manage your contents with your favourites, read lists, stories and book in one place. Legend view: Reorganise the contents of a website to make it easy to concentrate on what you are studying.

The Microsoft Edge software pulls the readings and information directly to your monitor. If you are surfing in InPrivate session, your navigation information (such as your progress, temp web pages and cookies) will no longer be stored on your computer once you are done.

Easily scroll through your device from your computer to your phone while your information synchronizes in the back.

Scroll your phones and PCs smoothly while your information is synchronized in the back. Get anywhere and get started where you stopped by simply dragging and dropping your contents between your portable and Windows 10 PC**. Break the web's mess with built-in capabilities that help you consolidated, organize, and organize your assets.

The Hub view allows you to easily find and organize your favorite items, read lists, stories and book titles in one place. The Read Screen lets you reorganise the contents of a web page to make it more focused on what you're currently viewing. Easily find, browse, and view your information with a built-in QR code reader to retrieve information at the push of a simple key, voice search to use the web in a trusted way, and InPrivate to keep your information confidential.

Synchronize your e-books, password and favourites on your device so that your browser is always tailored to you.

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